Here is some information I am frequently asked today…

Are you in school?
Not anymore! I graduated from Liberty University in 2022.

What are you doing for the Marine Corps these days?
I am in the Inactive Ready Reserves (IRR) working full time in Tennessee. Being a reservist in the United States Marine Corps gives me the opportunity to live a civilian life while still carrying the title of Marine. When I go back to the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR), I will leave once a month and meet my unit for what is called drill. This is training time that is regularly scheduled. Once a year reservists take part in Active Training (AT) for at least two weeks to train in their area of expertise. As a reservist, this is what I do.

Are you ever going full active duty?
At this point in my career, no. The closest I will be to active duty is when I am mobilized or on Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) orders. I am working on finishing up Warrant Officer MOS school.

Can we send you mail during Warrant Officer Basic Course?
Mail is no longer accepted as I have graduated.

What is a Warrant Officer?
An oversimplified explanation of a Warrant Officer would be a technical expert in a given field and the middle-man between Commissioned Marine Officers and Enlisted.

What are you doing for full-time work as a civilian?
I am currently working at Ramsey Solutions in Tennessee.

Do you still work at Walt Disney World?
I do not currently work at Walt Disney World or live in Florida.

Have you met Dave Ramsey?

Here are some questions I was frequently asked in 2011 prior to bootcamp. . .

Ship date: October 24, 2011

Graduation date: January 20, 2012

Are you in school this year?
No I am not because I would not be able to finish out the semester since I leave in October.

What’s after bootcamp?
I have ten days leave (vacation if you will) and then I go to Marine Corps Training (MCT) at Camp Geiger, NC and finally my job school until April/May timeframe.

Are you going back to Bob Jones?
Yes. I will be back, Lord willing, the fall of 2012.

What is your MOS (or job)?
Greenville reserve unit only offers Ammo Tech so that will be my MOS.

So you’re leaving for OCS in October?
No, I am going to enlisted bootcamp. Officer Candidate School (OCS) is only for those on their way to become an officer. I am not going to OCS any time soon.

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