DECEMBER 26, 2011

Christmas here wasn't too bad. It started out rough but got better. Wehad a bunch of freetime and we even got to watch a movie called,"Warrior". It was pretty good. The Christmas dinner was good and weeven got eggnog! We got to march to  dinner with the Company First Sgt( we as in the entire... Continue Reading →

DECEMBER 18, 2011

We just go done with rifle week. I am very happy that I qualified butvery disappointed I didn't shoot as high as I could. The pitts wereeasy as ever but annoying because I couldn't do it 100% the way Ialways did when pulling targets those summers at Quantico or for theNRA Matches.  Monday it was... Continue Reading →

DECEMBER 4, 2011

We have moved out of our barracks for two weeks because we are at therifle range. We hiked seven miles yesterday and we will live in thesesquad bays for 2wks. They are tiny. We learn stuff this week andactually fire next week. I hope I qualify! I have never shot a riflebefore. Once we get... Continue Reading →

NOVEMBER 24, 2011

Well it's Thanksgiving here. Can't wait for tonight because we get aThanksgiving meal in the chow hall. I hope they have pie. We practiceddrill today and got to go to the real PX to get new drill belts forour initial drill (first of 2 competitions we have where we march,handle rifles, and look good). It... Continue Reading →

Letter from Jai

This is part of a letter that Jai's mom got from him a few weeks ago.  I meant to post it 2 weeks ago but time slipped away.  Sounds like he is doing well!  Please continuing to pray for him--physical, mental and spiritual strength!!   We had GREAT food for the birthday dinner yesterday. Steak,... Continue Reading →

Address at USMC boot camp

This is a friend posting for Jai. I got a very short letter from him from boot camp. He is on Parris Island training to be a UNITED STATES MARINE! Let's please be upholding him in prayer that he may stay strong physically and mentally and especially spiritually! He gave his address and I know... Continue Reading →

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