Day 00

In thirteen weeks I will be a United States Marine. It is seriously hard to believe that statement. I never would have imagined what it would be like to be in this position yet here I am. The Lord has guided me all this way and I know he is ready to do great things in... Continue Reading →

This is for real

Less than seven days and I'm out of here. Crazy right? It is amazing to think that just six months ago I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and here I am in Greenville, SC waiting to ship out to Parris Island, SC in less than seven days. The road to getting to this... Continue Reading →

Ship Validation

Remember that final ship validation I said I was going to and said I would tell you all about it? Well here is me telling you all about it... I wasn't sure what was going to be happening except we would be performing an IST and we would be there for a night and for... Continue Reading →

Almost There

With just a month left before I leave, time is getting short. I was in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC a couple days ago and that is the closest I have been to Parris Island since January. But with the time clock running low, I am almost there for real. The nerves haven't completely... Continue Reading →

Call for Encouragement

As the big day draws near I continue to study what I need to know for bootcamp but I still need to be studying the Word of God. This is where I need the most help and am calling upon you guys. If you have any spiritual encouragement, Scripture memory verses, challenges or just advice... Continue Reading →

The Latest

The Lord has blessed me with the most amazing and best friends most of which are currently attending school (that I am taking a break from for my "big adventure"). Right now I am in Greenville, SC (where my recruiting station is located) staying the night with one of those friends. Since my last post... Continue Reading →

Big Decision

In my last post I spoke in the past tense about my active duty status and plans for the Marine Corps. Things have since changed... It was right around Week 7 at camp (The Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC) that I really started thinking about my future in Marines again (not second guessing my... Continue Reading →

The New Beginning

Well... Here we go. Many people have asked me about my future whether it be Marine related or not. Just so you know, I have enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and that is my immediate future. Career? Not a hundred percent sure yet but I'm here to stay for a while. It was... Continue Reading →

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