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The Lord has blessed me with the most amazing and best friends most of which are currently attending school (that I am taking a break from for my “big adventure”). Right now I am in Greenville, SC (where my recruiting station is located) staying the night with one of those friends. Since my last post I have survived a hurricane, made it to Greenville, worked at camp this past weekend, and had my reserve interview.

The reserve interview happened on Friday, September 2 at 8:30am (at least that was my arrival time). It wasn’t a giant huge deal, but I got asked questions by my recruiter, signed a bunch of papers and waited around for the Reserve Unit Administrator to arrive at the office to interview me and another guy. Come to find out, the whole interview thing was actually more of an orientation where he informed me what I would be doing, what my job consists of, and what my duties are. Basically the whole interview thing was pretty simple.

So now what? Well I will remain in Greenville until the time comes for me to ship out to Parris Island (which is October 24). If you’re looking for an address for where I am staying, good luck. Right now I am just hanging around town and working at Rita’s Ice where I worked during the school year. I guess that is the update as of this very moment. Then again I am human and most likely am forgetting something huge like the fact I have a wife, and three kids, and I won the lottery, and got in a car crash, and hit a deer. No big deal… (Just kidding. Those are big deals and none of those big deals are true). Keep me posted on what you want to know. Write me something (maybe questions) in the comments area or email me or something. That’s always nice. To God be the glory.



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