Almost There

With just a month left before I leave, time is getting short. I was in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC a couple days ago and that is the closest I have been to Parris Island since January. But with the time clock running low, I am almost there for real. The nerves haven’t completely kicked in yet but I am sure they will when it gets closer.

Right now I am on my way to Columbia, SC for my final ship validation. Remember the Poolie validation a couple weeks ago? Well this validation isn’t exclusively for Greenville; it’s for all shippers in South Carolina and parts of Georgia and North Carolina. It’s a big deal. We will be staying in barracks at the reserve center and immediately jumping into our IST in the morning. After that we will have our final screening and we’re headed home. Sounds simple but we shall see I guess…

Of course, like everyone, I want to exceed my best and do well on the IST. I am praying for just that and invite you to join me. Real life is happening and it’s pretty crazy but definitely exciting. The IST will consist of pullups, situps, and a 1.5 mile run.

So I guess that’s about it…
Thank you for your prayers and I will for sure keep you updated on what’s going on. Just so you know, I will have somebody update this thing while I am away because the only form of communication I will have is through letters. So please feel free to write and I will attempt to do the same. The address tab will have my address there so you can write. Thanks again.



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