This is for real

Less than seven days and I’m out of here. Crazy right? It is amazing to think that just six months ago I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and here I am in Greenville, SC waiting to ship out to Parris Island, SC in less than seven days.

The road to getting to this point was a little chaotic at times but now I am in the calm before the storm if you will. This next week is a study week, catchup with people week, see bye to people week, and a week to enjoy sleeping in (if 8am is sleeping in, haha). My last required marine function was yet another poolee function which was a couple weeks ago. I am still living in Greenville, SC with my friend and his family who have so graciously opened their home to me for the past month. Never in my life have I personally experience a huge visible sign of God’s working in my life. I mean, I’ve noticed along the way the fingerprint of God in different areas in my life but never something huge and obvious (if that makes any sense). But my friend and his family were a huge answer to prayer in the fact that they provided me a place to stay for the past month (which I was praying about finding somewhere that would possibly work better than house hopping) and also provided me with an extra job helping around the house (which is the least I could do given the fact their home was now my home away from home). God does answer prayer and supply our needs. I always saw it happening in other people’s lives but never in my own. The Lord has overabundantly provided my every need since I moved to Greenville waiting for my ship date. He is good and thank Him and my friend and his family for their kindness which I do not deserve.

So now what? Well…. I’m waiting pretty much. I got to visit people up in Brevard, NC today which was a blast simply because I love the people there. Today I said my goodbyes until January and planned (hopefully) a couple more visits with people before I’m outta here. Not entirely sure what else to say right now but if you have questions then let me know. I am good at forgetting to mentions things that people might want to know. So leave a comment or something and I’ll keep you posted for seven more days until my “spokesperson” (if you will) takes over and sends updates on whatever she feels necessary. Please continue to pray. My journey has only just begun…
To God be the glory great things He hath done.



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  1. You are in my prayers as you prepare to ship out. I know a Captain Rudd Olmstead, he should be there at Parris Island, he trains recruits and Marines. God will be with you all the way.


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