The Wild Ride Continues

Have you ever had a desire to do something but waited too long to do it? All talk. That is something I have noticed in conversations with young men when I tell them I am a Marine. “I almost joined the Marines.” “I looked into the Marines once.” Then there are the ones who tried and were not eligible. That is always disappointing to hear. Truth be told, I almost joined the Marines too. The difference between then and now is that I actually did it. I stopped looking into it, stopped talking about it, and I did it. Something I thought heavily on was waiting too long and not taking action, then being too late and wishing I had done something sooner. It truly has been a wild ride! Not only have those who have prayed with me been a huge blessing, but the Lord has played an integral in it all. Of course all of those details are appropriate for another post, which I happen to have already written here. Check it out!

It is incredible to look back and see the path in which the Lord has directed me. The new adventures of the Marine Corps and the new opportunities at The Wilds. It has been awesome! What is cool too is looking ahead and seeing new adventures awaiting. That’s right, there are new adventures on the horizon for this brown guy.

Before the new adventures begin, let me update you on the last two years that I have been away from this medium—Sparknotes style. MARSOC is a no go. I changed my mind in lieu of a lateral move opportunity. This opportunity would allow me to go active duty. I am no longer cooking at The Wilds, but rather transferred to a new position as the Social Media Coordinator. It has been awesome! My contract ends in August 2016, and from there I have had a desire to move on with the Marine Corps and find opportunities for further development. I was promoted meritoriously to Corporal last year. In September 2015 I became a MCIWS (Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival). That was the hardest course I had ever gone through. Oh, I also got to go to Norway last summer! Take me back. That place is incredible!


Back to the story. After an unexpected journey, experience, and realization earlier this year, I was struck with a new urge/desire to try something new. Surprisingly, this particular desire has nothing to do with the Marine Corps. This desire has nothing to do with The Wilds either. The nice thing about this desire at this point is that I am in a great spot where nothing keeping me in a single location. I can try something new while I am single, able, and willing (without later wishing I had taken action). The newfound desire is in relation to my accidental (but kind of on purpose) visit to the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort before my Disney Cruise this past January. That’s right. I’m talking about the most magical place on Earth. My newfound desire has to do with being a part of the world of Disney in Orlando, Florida.

So where do I start? Let me just fill you in with the short version: I’m going to Disney World!

After some research, meditation, and updating of my resume, I officially applied to work for the Walt Disney Company at Walt Disney World as a full-time lifeguard. I applied March 9, 2016 with hopes of being considered for a job at the end of August. I was immediately put through to a web-based interview (WBI) and afterward was asked to schedule a phone interview. Talk about nerve racking and exciting! My phone interview was several days later at 8:30am with a recruiter named Steve (Those who conduct interviews and auditions for employment with the company are called recruiters. The Walt Disney Company is in the business of showmanship so everything is show terminology such as employees being called Cast Members.). I felt like the phone interview went very well. In order to complete my interview process I was instructed to complete a mandatory lifeguard swim test in Orlando. Luckily I was already planning a vacation to Walt Disney World at the beginning of April, so I scheduled my swim test for the morning of April 2nd.

The day finally came to take the swim test. It was easy! Of course I had gone through MCIWS so nearly anything is easy in comparison. Thankfully I passed with flying colors and hopefully made a name for myself while I was there. After my exciting vacation came to an end I was playing the waiting game. Finally, on April 18th (after coming home from drill and going to bed remarkably early the night prior), I awoke to an email from Disney Careers congratulating me on an offer of employment at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World. Disney World! What a surreal moment. As I looked into the email and my online dashboard, I came to discover that my opportunity was slated for this summer. You know, the busiest time of the camping season and before the official conclusion of my contract. Before I spoke to my supervisor about the opportunity, he informed me that he was speaking to a possible replacement that morning (my supervisor already knew I was not planning to renew my contract in August). If that’s not timing from the Lord then I don’t know what is.

My supervisor was very open to my job opportunity and we immediately began working on scenarios and the plan for success. I am thankful for an understanding supervisor and one who is willing to work (and put up) with me. So what is going on now? Well, I am going to an appointment with Disney on May 13th, [hopefully] training my replacement for four days after that, then moving to Orlando on May 20th (tentatively) for my next big adventure. Surprise! Everything that has happened has happened so quickly. It is unnerving yet exciting to be going on a new, unexpected journey. “I’m going on an adventure!” (had to throw that in there).

This post is WAY too long. I will finally begin my conclusion (unlike Paul’s many psych-outs). Thankfulness does not even scratch the surface of the many thoughts I am having. I am thankful to God for His redemptive power and His guidance. Those who are still following this for some reason, thanks. Please continue to pray for me and the opportunities that await. Many of you have a lot of questions still. If you do, please comment your questions, text your questions, email me, whatever. I am back at the blog thing and I will keep you posted for sure! You can even subscribe to this blog somehow. It’s been two years so I don’t know if the process is still the same for subscribing. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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  1. You’re a great writer! Thanks for the interesting update. It’s always cool to see how God is working in and through the lives of my friends. I look forward to hearing more about your magical new life. 😉


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