August is Over

Okay, so August is not quite over, but I couldn’t help but have that as the title. That was a song I used to listen to in high school… Anyways, what a month it has been. This has quite honestly been one of the busiest months of the entire summer. Not only did we have an extended drill at the range, but I started dating, celebrated my birthday, finally got my apartment, worked a ton, and built a bunch of IKEA furniture. Phew!

You heard me right, folks. I now have a girlfriend. Amy and I were in school together and worked a summer together at The Wilds several years ago. We reaquainted over the summer and started dating on the 7th. She’s awesome. Amy came down to Florida to celebrate my birthday with me, and we had an absolute blast! Well, I had an absolute blast. Hopefully she had a blast too. 

On my birthday I signed papers for my new apartment and now I am moved in! FINALLY! It only took three months, but I am very thankful to have my place. Maybe if I ever get a couch I can post pictures. Or a video. Or not. Maybe you should just come to Florida and visit me! If you are interested in having my new address, please comment or text me. I will be happy to share my address with you. 

August’s drill was extended by a couple days. We went out to Stone Bay to shoot at the range. It wasn’t rainbows and unicorns, but I did get to see my family. They brought me food and even came to my promotion ceremony. I was supposed to have been pinned on (promoted) back in May, but somebody somewhere sent my warrant to the wrong place. A big shout out to the Lariat Lane Crew that came out to see me get promoted too. I am now a meritorious Sergeant. The range itself could have gone better due to the fact I missed expert by two points. Two. 

Work has been fantastic. Obviously it has been busy, but I love it. There are certainly opportunities for growth here, and I am looking forward to taking advantage of those opportunities. Creating happiness is our business, and I love the opportunities I have to do that. My coworker and I had a chance to brighten a guest’s day yesterday by letting her know that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was starting this week and she’d have an opportunity to go. Her face lit up and she was exstatic about this. This guest was an adult, but the joy you see in a child’s face is the same joy you see in an adult’s. 

This has been a rather abbreviated update considering the busy month it has been. I hope this update finds you doing well and that it answers some questions you may have. If this update leaves you with questions, please comment your questions here. I would love to answer them! For those still praying with me, thank you. I finally have my apartment! Until next time: Be Strong. Love God. Love Others.



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  1. Congrats and happy belated birthday! Glad to see things working out for you. Was thinking about our good times the other day. Allison and I have been itching to go to Harry Potter world some day soon so we should definitely hang out!


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