We Go On

Every December/January we ring in a new year knowing the next trip around the sun will be different. This year will be the year unlike any other. We are going to better ourselves by eating right, working out, taking time to reflect on ourselves, giving ourselves to the development of others, reading more, writing more, finishing the house project, and the list goes on! Here we are, seven months in, and 2020 has been a year unlike any other. We go on.

The world is different now, but our annual commitments do not have to change. Unfortunately we do have to put off world travel, but there are books to be read and home workouts to be done. You can do it! Every single day is a gift we are blessed with and I believe we ought to strive to make each day the best day ever. We are never guaranteed tomorrow. This isn’t a call for YOLO (You Only Live Once), but rather a call to make reasonable, responsible, yet worthwhile daily choices to make yourself a better person for you, your family, and for society. My prayer is to glorify God daily no matter the circumstances.

So, what now? We are seven months into 2020 and three of them were spent at home for many. If this time has been a waste, we still have five months to make 2020 a year for personal wins! Start small and make today a great day. Then tomorrow I challenge you to make it another great day. Even with negative vibes in the air, know that any day could possibly be the best day ever. Kick those negative vibes in the face and make yourself better for you, your family, and for society. God takes glory in our perceived good days and bad days.

As for me, I’ve been blessed given the current position I am in. We just recently started back in the office with most personnel. During our quarantine we were able to telework from home. Being home for so long was good and all, but even today I am ready for a pre-COVID life where we can go to events and theme parks with no worries. As we go on, that time will come again. I have hope.

Since Day 60 of quarantine, I have remained at home and just recently returned to work. The city of New Orleans has been slow to move forward with reopening, but it’s not like I would be out there eating at restaurants anyways (I’m on a tight budget). Being a Marine during this time has been a blessing because I have been able to continue the mission as General Bellon has addressed, and in so doing I have continued to generate income. Having income and no place to spend money (except Amazon I guess *nervous laugh*) has helped me get on an intense plan to be debt free by Spring 2021.

Speaking of debt free, I have a different series of posts called “My Financial Journey” that I post stuff about—you guessed it—my financial journey. You can check it out here if you want. But all of that to say, Dave Ramsey hosted a live event that you can view on YouTube. It’s called “What Now?” and goes into practical ways to move forward with your money post-COVID/quarantine. Definitely recommend checking it out!

The 4th of July holiday is quickly approaching and my family will get to come visit! I am very much looking forward to celebrating the birth of the United States of America. There may or may not be a large fireworks show, but I am expecting families to set off their own fireworks in the streets. Should be a good time. If anybody knows Terry, please make sure he gets his wheelchair inspected before this weekend.

Earlier I was talking about making each day a great day. I will confess and say I got my inspiration from the Phineas and Ferb song by Bowling for Soup. It’s true though! Just see click here to listen.

So let’s make sure that in every single possible way, today is gonna be a great day.


Here’s to a fun, safe, and exciting Independence Day! As we go on, I hope that we continue (or restart) to make ourselves better and make every day the best it can be. May God be glorified daily. Have a safe holiday and never hesitate to reach out to me if you need to chat with someone. You are loved. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.




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