Another Year

Fall has arrived. It is October even though yesterday was February, or so it seems. October means a new Fiscal Year (FY) for those government and business types. A new FY brings new beginnings, new access to money, and is one step closer to Christmas. A new FY means October 1st; Walt Disney World’s birthday! Maybe now that we are in FY21 we can make new year’s resolutions and make ourselves better since 2020 didn’t lend a helping hand. I don’t know. Just throwing ideas out there.

My start to the FY was dramatic with the Marines. Long story short, I was asked to stay for another year starting October 1st. Come September 30th, the powers that be had dropped the ball and my orders to continue another year were not completed. We are good now kind of. I am on orders but still waiting on that disruption in pay to pay out. That’s a bunch of money!

Before all that drama there was other stuff afoot. In August I got to celebrate my birthday with family. In September we had hurricanes come near New Orleans but none of them hit us directly. Talk about high stress level for everyone in these parts. Thank you to those who asked how I was doing in the midst of the storms.

Hurricane season is not over yet though, folks! We just got done with Hurricane Delta. It was projected to hit New Orleans directly, however, it moved west and we only got the outer bands. Another close call! Honestly my primary concern with these hurricanes is flooding vice wind speed.

Over Columbus Day weekend my dad came over for a short visit. We went out in the town and found a couple of good food spots that allow dine-in. It is a shame that the community grill at my apartment has been shut down since COVID started. My dad and I would have most certainly grilled out.

Vietnamese Spicy Tofu

Looking forward, the Marine Corps birthday ball is cancelled this year due to COVID (don’t worry. . . there will be cake nonetheless). I am currently planning to be here in New Orleans for all the holidays so I can finish up my debt free journey in the spring. Mardi Gras has not officially been cancelled, however, one parade (called a “Krewe”) has already opted out.

I have learned a lot from my time with the Marines overall, but even more so here at the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans. The type of work I am doing oversees the entirety of the reserve force; big responsibility! The subject of me pursuing the Warrant Officer route has come up time and time again. I have considered it and been recommended by my peers and leaders to give it a go. I don’t necessarily feel ready/worthy to be in that position, but often our capabilities are limited by our self-induced limitations. So maybe this is a good idea.

Fall has arrived. Winter is coming. Christmas (my favorite holiday) is almost here. It’s been a weird year, but God’s promises are comforting. Thank you for your continued prayers and interest in my not so interesting life. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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