We’re Back

Now that The Basic School (TBS) is behind us, we are back at ammo school in Fort Lee (now Gregg-Adams), VA. It has been over 11 years since I have been here and it feels weird. When I look at the new Marines coming through, it brings back memories of our time at ammo school... Continue Reading →

Week Eighteen

This was the last week of Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) at The Basic School (TBS). Much like when we arrived, it was a short, four-day week and we graduated on Thursday. Look out world! Nearly 300 Warrant Officers are being released into the wild. Monday was mostly uneventful other than command photos being taken... Continue Reading →

Week Seventeen

Ten weeks ago I was talking about leadership panels, preparing for the field, and running physically demanding events (check out that post here). Although it was not so long ago, ten weeks at Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) feels like twenty. Many lessons have been learned, friendships have formed, and we now hold a basic... Continue Reading →

Week Sixteen

Phase IV exam is complete, grades are in, and certificates have been proofread. We are rapidly closing in on WOBC graduation! Newly graduated Warrant Officers will be released and joining a command near you–probably. While we still have one full week left of legitimate military training (MOUT FEX), graduation is near. Before leaving Quantico, I... Continue Reading →

Week fiFteen

Although it is near the end of our run here at WOBC, the time seems to be slowing down unnecessarily. What a week! There wasn't anything crazy going on except a lot of special guests, several classes, and Tactical Decision Game (TDG) style experiences. We also had several opportunities for Marines to remediate on previous... Continue Reading →

Week Fourteen

10 miles and one exam later, we have made it to Phase IV. Can you believe we have only four weeks remaining at WOBC? Time is flying by! Now that we are in Phase IV, the tough physical events are behind us. The class must now focus on refining some military skills and studying for... Continue Reading →

Week Thirteen

We did it. After several days in the woods, living in a hole, and trekking all over creation, we have finally made it back from the field. The event we were executing was called FEX II (Field Exercise). The purpose of FEX II was to implement platoon level skills and work as a team to... Continue Reading →

Week Twelve

Another five days of training are complete. With the end of the this week brings about the conclusion of my time as our squad’s squad leader. This is a role that changes every two weeks to allow folks an opportunity to lead peers. We hit the ground running this week by learning about some platoon... Continue Reading →

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