Letter from Jai

This is part of a letter that Jai’s mom got from him a few weeks ago.  I meant to post it 2 weeks ago but time slipped away.  Sounds like he is doing well!  Please continuing to pray for him–physical, mental and spiritual strength!!


We had GREAT food for the birthday dinner yesterday. Steak, shrimp,
lobster, baked potato, cake, pie, and other goodness. Loved it! Today
is Veteran’s Day so we get a bunch of free time. It’s awesome. When we
work out during free time we get to have a power bar and a gatorade.
We’re learning a lot of MCMAPP stuff right now (martial arts) and we
get to do the confidence and O-course  this coming week. Monday marks
3 wks, crazy! My billet is early chow so I go to early chow with a
buddy and we relieve late chow and watch the gear. Swim week is like a
week and a half away I think. Training Day 25 is our phase 1 test.
Than we get right into Phase 2! That’s when we get fitted into our
uniforms and the good stuff starts. Can’t wait. Closer to graduation
the better!


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