NOVEMBER 24, 2011

Well it’s Thanksgiving here. Can’t wait for tonight because we get a

Thanksgiving meal in the chow hall. I hope they have pie. We practiced

drill today and got to go to the real PX to get new drill belts for

our initial drill (first of 2 competitions we have where we march,

handle rifles, and look good). It was so good to be able to go to the

PX. They had their Christmas stuff out and were playing Christmas

music. Made me sad that I’m missing the whole holiday season.

  Swim week went well. It only ended up being one day. Once we

qualified then we were done with swim week.  Very easy. It’s a lot

different swimming with cammies and boots on. Another company

graduated yesterday (Alpha) which means my graduation is getting

closer! I can’t wait to get out. We test for MCMAP (martial arts) on

Saturday, enter phase 2 next week, and apparently doing the repel wall

on Monday. We have an academic test on Tuesday and initial drill

Monday. We got name tapes yesterday for our desserts.That’s exciting!

As far as I know we also get to blouse our boots next week. A lot

going on and time is flying. 


Funny story: We were on the parade deck practicing drill and I had looked over for no reason (checking my

alignment/got confused) so the SDI (senior drill instructor) told me

to run in the direction I was looking. So I ran completely across the

parade deck passing platoons and everything and made it to the end and

wasn’t sure what to do, so I stood there for like 5 minutes. Then I

ran back and the SDI was like, ” did I tell you to come back?”. I said

no and he told me to run again. HAHA, it was funny. So I get all the

way across to the bleachers and stand at attention for like 15-20

minutes and another platoon’s DI asked where I was from and told me to

fall into his platoon. So I practiced drill with 1006 and went to chow

with them. Once we got in the chow hall SDI asked where the recruit

they picked up was. (that’s me) I spoke up and he was like, “why are

you with this platoon?” I told him that I was instructed to. He then

asked why I was standing at the end of the parade deck. “This recruit

was told to run.” So he asked, “well why didn’t you come back?” So I

said, ” this recruit was not instructed to return sir.” One of those

things you had to be there for. It was so funny though.


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