DECEMBER 26, 2011

Christmas here wasn’t too bad. It started out rough but got better. We

had a bunch of freetime and we even got to watch a movie called,

“Warrior”. It was pretty good. The Christmas dinner was good and we

even got eggnog! We got to march to  dinner with the Company First Sgt

( we as in the entire lead series which is three platoons) which was

really cool. We were all very loud and it was motivating. Graduation

is going to be SO cool.


We go into the field this week for like three or four days. Hopefully

it doesn’t rain. We get to eat MRE’s for one meal a day and we qualify

on Table 2 for our overall rifle range qualification score. Then next

week is Admin week where we take care of dumb stuff like bill and

other junk, lol. The week after that we have final testing, final

drill, final PFT, CFT, and then the crucible… Then comeS that

Saturday morning I will be a UNITED STATES MARINE!! Busy three weeks.


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