I am Marine Corps Can’t You See

The date was Jan 20,2012 at 9:45am. . . That was when I was released from Parris Island claiming the title of United States Marine. Boy, does it feel good to be out of there. Thirteen weeks of absolute chaos, fatigue, screaming, and running everywhere does things to a man. The Marine Corps knows what they are doing even when what they do does not make sense. “Everything we do has a reason” as my Drill Instructors would constantly say.

Thank you EVERYONE for your support, prayers, and letters. Every little bit really did help. Knowing that I had prayer warriors back home was a great encouragement because I know nobody was wishing horrible things on me so everything what seemed horrible was all apart of the plan to make me stronger, depend on God, and grow to become who I have now become. The power of prayer is truly great. There were times where I just had nothing else to give and was not sure if I could continue the given task, but the Lord saw me through and I am truly grateful for His grace which is more than sufficient.

So now what? Well right now I am back in Greenville, SC and have been here the whole weekend. I leave for home Wednesday to finish out my ten days leave and then more training starts. I will be at Camp Geiger, NC for about four weeks for what is called MCT (Marine Combat Training) and immediately will go to my job school somewhere in VA. I should be done its both of those things around the end of April where I will then check into my unit and begin life. I am super excited for summer because I will be back at the Wilds counseling and back at Bob Jones in the fall. Quite the road ahead of me, but I cannot complain. The Lord has provided abundantly and I am stoked to see what else He has in store. Please continue to pray for me as I complete my training over the next couple of months.

Something I came up with at bootcamp: my new motto as to why I joined the Marine Corps is:
Think about it.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. You all are a blessing.



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