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Friday, January 20, 2012 at 0945 I graduated from Marine Corps bootcamp at MCRD Parris Island. That, my friends, was the proudest moment of my entire life. The Lord was faithful and gracious then, but great news. . . He is just as faithful and just as gracious today! That’s the great thing about God the Father, He is unchanging.

Alright, so what has happened in the last year? Well I went to MCT, Ammo School, and joined the reserves in Greenville, SC. Funny though, I should probably start writing about how training is going once a month. Honestly, it’s not always exciting so I suppose it’s not worth posting.

Here is the latest on school: I did not plan on returning this semester but long story short, I decided to take a part-time load seeing as it worked out with my work schedule. Well I was in class for about five days and then I withdrew. Bummer, I know. Let me clarify and explain the short version of my story. . . It was my choice to withdraw but the circumstances otherwise were not working in my favor. God always has the master plan and so I am just waiting to hear back as to what the purpose truly is. I plan on completing my degree by the May of 2014, Lord willing.

Praise God for the job I currently have. I am working security here in town full-time. It truly is a huge blessing. I am, however, praying that the Lord will open up a recruiting position for the Marines so I may perform Recruiters Aid for up to six months. Pray with me, please. I have been waiting to hear back from Headquarters the last week and a half. It is so nice living in town now! If you are interested in my address, feel free to email me or comment your email address and I will be glad to send the address to you.

I feel like there could be so much more said but as usual, I am pulling a blank. This is where this post ends, but thank you again to all you prayer warriors that have kept me on your prayer list from the beginning until now. You are a huge blessing.


Semper Fidelis




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