Always Faithful

I don’t understand how God, the Creator of the Universe, can still love me for being me. Love – it drives us to do the things we do.

When I was a child I remember playing “marine” in the backyard with my best friend at the time. We loved it! Our entire being revolved around how to make the game better and defeat the enemy. We were warriors using every weapon possible to destroy what lay beyond the borders of the yard. I even remember finding an old tent and we would pitch it in the backyard as our bivouac site for resting in between battles. We had it made.

We as people love certain things and it forms our personality and character. Scripture clearly states the two greatest commandments are to love God and love others. We can also love what we do and glorify God through it (given that it truly is a Christ-honoring activity). Of course by no means am I a perfect being and therefore have failed many times in the things that I enjoy and Christ has not been glorified. From birth until now. . . I’ve done a number of regretful things. God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness though and that is truly a refreshing thought! I am saved by God’s grace and to glorify God is my goal. I will strive to please Him every day.

In the past month things have been fairly ordinary. To date I still work a security job in Simpsonville, SC where I am working 40 hours a week. Praise the Lord for this job! It is certainly not an exciting job, but it is work. To come by a job in America is difficult as it is so the Lord has blessed exceeding abundantly. To those who are interested in my schedule and would like to meet for coffee or to work out or something then feel free to email me or make contact via Facebook. Though I work 40 hours a week, I am thankful that I have Sundays off and can attend church. I am attending Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC. In my off time there really is not much going in my life. I run in the mornings and usually just hang out at Starbucks (like right now, haha) or watch movies. Maybe every now and then get outside and do something fun with a friend. Otherwise, I am working, running, and sitting. The American dream right? Haha.

Yes, I am still in the Marine Corps. I have had people ask me if I was still in since I’m working full-time to which I reply, yes. I still have at least four years on my contract before I am allowed to leave. Greenville, SC is still where my reserve unit is located and we are now entering into AT (Active Training) season. AT is where we leave for two weeks out of the summer and utilize our job skills for our particular MOS (Military Occupational Specialty -job). I am pretty excited for our AT but at the same time it kind of stinks because my dad is returning home from Iraq (doing contract security in Baghdad) for R&R (Rest and Relaxation) for the exact same time I will be training. I am praying that the command will be able to put on an alternate AT which will allow me a few days to visit with him seeing as it’s been a year since that last time we saw each other.

One of my short term goals is to get promoted to E-4 (Corporal) before the end of the year. Since the Corps is cutting its numbers, and budget cuts are really taking a toll on our military, it will be a challenge. Another goal of mine is to be activated at some point (going from the reserves into active duty service). My desire is to go into MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) and become an operator. Sure, ammo is fun but there are great things to be done and I want to be part of that. MARSOC will be a challenge and that is what I desire. One day when I am activated (Lord willing) I want to use my GI Bill and finish school. This will then give me an “in” to the Officers Candidate School. I was actively looking into working with the recruiters here in Greenville, SC but the budget does not allow and I would like to keep things open if MARSOC goes through.

You are probably wondering if I am going to school in the fall since I withdrew this past semester? As of right now I do not plan on attending school again in the fall. Right now I can no longer afford it and if I am able to be activated I do not want to have to leave school and pay for what I did not finish. Please pray for the various opportunities I am facing that God will direct me to the best choice.

Any further questions? I’m all ears (or is it eyes??) so feel free to comment, email, text, call, Facebook, or whatever. You people are too good to me for reading these long drawn out posts and for praying for me and with me. God has been glorified.



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