He Knows Best

Thinking about the future is a tough thing to do when you have no clue what it holds. I’ve been in that boat a number of times and it was only within the last couple of years that I stood-by and waited for the Lord to lead me in a specific direction. Waiting takes patience. Are you being patient with your future? It is easy to become complaisant as an unbeliever, but as believers we are reminded that patience is a virtue (that was not intended to remind you of mom’s faithful sayings).

I thank the Lord all the time for the camp I have served at for four years (the Wilds) because it is where I made some serious life-changing decisions and learned the greatest lessons in my life thus far. Being at camp has taught me the importance of carpetmindedness, selflessness, and service. Jesus was the ultimate example of selflessness and service and each day I want to be just like Him. Sadly, I will never amount to the man He was, but that will never keep me from trying. I mentioned in a past post that there is a song that I was privileged to sing at camp that summarized what I was going through and how the Lord blessed me with text. Taking that step of faith is probably the hardest thing to do in life, but if we are delighting in the Lord then there is no need to fear the future. God has got our backs!

The past had me in a spot where I prayed for the future and heard nothing back until I stepped in faith and was led to where I am today. Today I am praying for the future again and God, being faithful, has been answering prayer beyond my expectation. Since the beginning of summer I have been praying for wisdom on whether or not to apply for a position in the C.A.M.P. program at camp. This is a new “curriculum”, if you will, but it is still in essence the 9-month program. The program would have me working at camp during the year which is something I have wanted to do for years (school was always an issue). Just a few days ago I was approached and asked if I wanted to be contracted as a cook at the Wilds. This is not the C.A.M.P. Program but, in my estimation, something even better! Long story short: I went to the office on Monday night to ask for a 9-month contract to which I was told I could fill it out online when I got home. The following morning I was approached for the cook contract. Tell me that is not providential! So please pray with me about what to do.

With all that on the table, quick (or maybe not) update on life. I am still working on getting promoted in the marine reserves. The primary reason for getting promoted (aside from obvious reasons) is to be eligible for going active duty through MARSOC. Today I still work for the security company in SC full-time and attend Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC. One of the most unique and greatest things I am doing this summer is volunteering, on my days off, at the Wilds on Mondays. I travel to Brevard in the afternoons on Sunday, attend church at Bethany Baptist Church, and then go to camp. When Mondays arrive I work all over the campsite doing whatever needs to be done. I guess you could call me a part-time summer staffer with the official position “floater”. My primary spot in the mornings is to help the cooks during brunch, but if there are other things around the campsite that need to be done then I will also do those things. This past week I helped the lifeguards during the afternoon hours and we had a blast cleaning boats! When Monday  comes to an end I wake up Tuesday morning, eat a spoonful of eggs, and head down the mountain back to reality and my full-time job. It is an opportunity I am privileged to have and am grateful to Ken Collier for.

On the Marine side: We got back from Kentucky last week after spending two weeks there for Annual Training (AT). Our unit was split into working sections that went to various places on base to work. My section was called MTT (Mobile Tactical Training) and we took a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) course. This is pretty cool because since I am only a Lance Corporal (not a NCO yet) I was selected to take the course and further my knowledge in the MOS I am in. So basically we spent two weeks (actually only eight days total) in the classroom taking many classes and taking three exams. On top of class we also got to advance our belts in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program). So in the end I took home a new belt and a certificate of completion of the NCO course. Because we had about 50 marines out at other ATs this summer my team leader was bumped to a squad leader position and I took over our fireteam. I really liked having more responsibility within the unit and hope to advance into leadership positions in the near future. I was definitely ready to be back by the time we got to the end, but I loved being around fellow troops. There’s a camaraderie in the marines that is unlike any other. We are a breed that cannot be compared.

Thank you to those who pray for me. I am always in need of prayer as far as marines are concerned and life in general. Those who have been my prayer warriors since the beginning of my journey, you are the bombs! Sadly, your mansion will probably be bigger than mine.

Before I end this post I want to mention of the grace of God. The Lord has been reminding me daily of His grace. When man has wronged us and he deserves nothing, he still deserves grace. Why? I deserve nothing but God is always merciful and gracious to me. One of my favorite songs from the new Wilds CD, Be Our God, is called “God of Grace” and I cannot shake off one of the most powerful lines of the enter song.

I, once a foe, don’t comprehend how, God of grace, You call me friend.



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