Far Too Long

We are thirteen days into April and I am just now deciding to set aside time to update what has been happening the last couple months. I apologize for the delay to those of you avid followers that require constant updates from me. Wow, where to start?

Well toward the end of February I was able to visit my dad in Wilmington, NC for about a week. My dad has been working overseas for about a year or so. It had been a whole year since I had seen him last! Going to visit my dad was very exciting and I was glad to be able to see him again. When I got back to the Wilds I immediately got into drill mode and went to Greenville March drill.

For March drill we went to the field at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC (Remember that all place from my MEPS adventure back in 2011?). Apart from being told we were humping two miles to our bivouac and ended up humping over three miles, one could not have asked for a better field operation. We ran ammo operations for two days and ended with the traditional Warriors Night. After the hump back, as well as the bus ride, we finished up with promotions and that was that.

Back in February (or was it January?) I was appointed a team leader. This term means that I have marines under my charge and I become responsible for them. Being a team leader as a Lance Corporal is an honor and I’m glad to be entrusted with these types of responsibilities. Now all I am waiting for is to get promoted to Corporal.

This drill we ran a PFT (Physical Fitness Test), sat through ammo classes, and supported the annual Mud Run here in Greenville. I was disappointed in my PFT score because I ran slower than my goal and I got one point below my goal of 285. Overall I am pleased though because I had the highest score in the platoon (which at the end of the day is sorta sad considering all I had was a 284) and I was out in front of everyone during the run (which has never happened). Training for a PFT really does help. I have been running a little over a month (consistently) and tracking times and distances. This has pushed me to get faster and push myself to find my limits. The mud run was actually a lot of fun this time around. My station was number nine: Back Low Crawl. So basically you are going underneath a rope net on your back without touching the ropes or supports. A lot of people had a hard time with this obstacle but I had fun yelling at civilians to hurry up and keep pushing themselves to go all the way. Of course I had to yell at them to quit grabbing the ropes too.

No promotion this month, but I am going to try and get promoted meritoriously or get my cutting score up. These are tough to attain in the reserves when you’re so busy with things other than the Marine Corps. I still love the Corps and will accept these challenges I face so that I will know I have earned my rank and will have experience to pass down to marines below me. Heck, maybe I’ll get promoted after (or before) AT season. I’m sorta excited for this summer’s Annual Training because I am going somewhere different: 29 Palms. I know it will be hot (maybe even miserable) but I’m excited to be in a different environment and somewhere other than Blue Grass (where we went last year).

So what’s next? Well, MARSOC is still in the picture, but I need to be promoted first. I have 16 months left on my contract at the Wilds and then after that (or maybe before?) I want to be seriously perusing going active in MARSOC. If for whatever reason MARSOC does not work out and maybe active duty is totally out of the question, I have thought about trying to go back to Bob Jones to finish out my degree in Graphic Design. That is definitely something that at you could add to your prayer list. I just need wisdom as far as that decision goes.

I am loving the Wilds and I thank God just about every day that I have the opportunity to serve here. Some people long to live here but I do not have that problem. I am a resident here and I love it! One of the many perks is that I can attend sessions, camps, and other things by walking down the road. Just last month there was a College and Career Retreat that Joe Fant spoke for and it was a great time of fellowship, relaxation, and fun (in my back yard!). This retreat was a blessing because it was all about our identity in Christ. Are we identified in Him? If we are, how does our daily life identify Christ? Solid preaching.

There have been two things that seem to have been a spiritual theme in my life and that is Freedom and Victory. I would love to expound on that in another post. Think about it though.

Thank you to those those who support me and pray for me. You are a blessing beyond words. Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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