March Madness

It’s March. The year 2017 has been in action for three months already, and I cannot believe how fast time is going. Is anyone else feeling the same way? As quickly as March has come and is going, my time at Walt Disney World is getting longer and longer, and life is getting crazy with opportunities within the company and without.  It is really difficult to accept the reality I have been a part of the Walt Disney Company for nearly a year. A year! After the new year began, I was running into memories on my memory app (Momento) that was highlighting my journey from idea to fruition. Just a year ago I pulled the trigger and sent in my application to work at Walt Disney World. For more on the journey to Walt Disney World, please read my post called The Wild Ride Continues.


Honestly, there is a lot going on as far as work and the future is concerned. Since we last convened on this medium, I have had the privilege of auditioning for a Line of Business Core Facilitator position at Disney University. This is basically a teaching position for Cast Members entering into the recreation line of business. In order to take part in the audition I had to go to an information meeting, get a “permission slip” signed by my leadership, and memorize a script for the audition. So I walked into my classroom dressed to impress and gave my lines with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. It was imperative that my lines be completely memorized and I have two “Magical Moment” stories from work. A “Magical Moment” is pretty much an opportunity to make a Guest’s experience better whether they are expecting it or not (A lot of people have witnessed such things if they’ve ever been to Disney). I am happy to say that I received a callback the other day and I have been offered the position as a facilitator at Disney University (DU)! I begin training on April 3rd and will greet Cast Members when I return from AT.


The Marines have been keeping me busy too because we are currently preparing for our specialized AT, just spent a week in the field (okay, five days), and there are two opportunities for activation I’ve been nominated for. No lie, the field drill was much better than I expected (besides going through all four season in a week [heat, cold, severe thunderstorm, and snow]). What really brought it all together was our final training exercise and our field mess night. For my Marine fellows, you know what mess night is. For my non-marine fellows, ask a Marine. I was not ecstatic about this field evolution, but I learned to love it as we got deeper into it. One of the best parts of being out there was being with the Marines. I honestly miss being with the Marines and living that part of my life. Looking forward to AT. So the activation opportunities… I don’t have a lot to say about those except my name is out there and I could get orders for something. Not counting on it though because the Marine Corps has a way of saying one thing and doing another.


Something I am pretty excited about sharing is another opportunity within the Walt Disney Company. Back in January I applied for a Management Internship in Lodging. Four disciplines within this internship are Housekeeping, Recreation, Custodial, and Front Office. It has been a long waiting game, but I am happy to say that I have completed an in-person interview for the Management Internship.

After my interview at the Grand Floridian
This does not mean I am going to be offered anything, but to have been able to get through the online screening, phone screening, and in-person interview is a feat not all applicants have the privilege of going through. So within three weeks I will hear back whether or not I am going to be offered a position. This internship would be from mid-June to mid-January. The opportunities after the internship are not guaranteed, but I hope (if I get the internship) to perform so well that I am offered an extension or an opportunity for employment. We shall see!


Waiting to open the pools
On a side note: it has been FREEZING down here. We had to delay open the pools for a few days because the temperatures were not high enough (no greater than 45 degrees most days). I hope you people haven’t done your Spring cleaning and put away your Winter gear. It’s crazy!



Something else fun that happened this month was seeing Mr. Z and his crew from school. They were down here for a film competition and then we went on a Disney day after. Here’s proof of our fun on Tower of Terror.

Tower of Terror with friends
Also, our showing of Festival of the Lion King was the best I’ve ever been to. Our friends got to be in the show! Such a great time with friends.



So there it is: March madness! There is a lot of opportunity on the horizon. Honestly, I have been praying for the Lord’s will to be done. Because I have a lot going on, I do not have a desire for one thing at the moment. Let the Lord close the appropriate doors. With that said, pray as you wish. God has given me the adventure of a lifetime for the last 26 years, so I trust He’s got more adventure for me no matter what happens next.


Thank you to those who are praying. It is truly madness in regards to what’s next, but it’s been good down here. Come visit! Until next time: Be Strong. Love God. Love others.








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