After visiting Roatan last month, the weeks following have been uneventful. The daily grind has been working, fitness, eating, and hanging out. There were some exceptionally busy days in there, but otherwise it has been pretty chill. The planning for my return to the United States has been eventful. With that, I am ready to be home again.

When I return from this deployment I will be moving into a new apartment and continuing in my position at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts (at least that is the plan). Apartment hunting was a little difficult as my previous apartment complex had a waiting list that would not guarantee an opening in the summer. So with an increase in the housing budget and a little research I think I have found my new home. It is also a new construction like when I was searching for my first place in 2016. Lord willing my apartment will be ready in July. At the end of August I should be back at work.

Just about two weeks ago I found an opening online for a full-time Housekeeping Management position at Walt Disney World. I know you’re probably thinking, “I thought that was what you were doing before deployment?” You’re right! Kind of. I am technically a Housekeeping Management Intern which means I do all the same things with less benefits. So having found this opening online I have applied for it in hopes to become a full-time Guest Experience Manager in Housekeeping. I updated my resume, hit the apply button, and now my application is under review. Please pray I can at least get an interview.

That is it for life updates for now. Like I said, it has been quite uneventful other than making plans for my return home. Oh, something else exciting is that I paid off all my credit card debt! It was an unhealthy amount of debt, but I was able to get serious and pay it off in four months. Now all I have to do it focus on the student loans (those will take much longer). Dave would be proud of me living like no one else down here.

For years I have used this medium as an update to loved ones and friends. I often wonder if it is falling on deaf ears (or is it blind eyes?) or if it is good/interesting enough to continue as is. So with that, what do you think? The premise of the blog is to give updates, but maybe I should incorporate more than updates. What else would you be interested in? Should I have different writing segments maybe about specific adventure on this wild ride? Should I incorporate other mediums for updates on adventures? Maybe I can do YouTube videos and writing infused or used in conjunction with one another. Maybe not. Not sure. Would love to hear your opinions and ideas!

Many thanks to the ones who continue to follow this and are praying for me. Please pray that my apartment will be ready in July, that I could be a candidate for this Guest Experience Manager role, and for continued safety here in Honduras. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you again one day. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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