Tourist Level: Expert

Traveling can be a chore, but it is often more fun than not. This weekend has been no exception. After a lot of traveling for work, I did just a little more in order to take advantage of having this holiday weekend off. We are on an island called Roatan, and the beaches here are incredible. Being here has me ready to take another Disney Cruise so I can chill and visit Castaway Cay. The weekend has been nothing short of relaxing. We even did some snorkeling yesterday and saw dolphins do flips.

We are back to the grind and real life on Tuesday, but until then I am taking this weekend in and enjoying it. Up until this point I have been in three different countries in a short amount of time. Mostly work with some play in there. Let’s just say I have found my new favorite taco joint. Taco Bell can’t handle this place and Taco Casa (which I’ve still not been to) had better live up to my new high standard of taco excellence.

Giant Taco Platter
Unfortunately the mail system here on base is far beyond broken. Mail is taking much longer than it should and so packages aren’t arriving until around the six week mark or longer. Just so you all know if you are sending anything. Speaking of sending things, I am finally receiving some of your packages. Thank you! I was stoked to receive something from my Yacht & Beach Club family the other day. We were going to check the mail and two packages came from the back. I thought, “wow, his girlfriend put a lot of Mickey Mouse stickers on his box.” Low and behold, it was for me! 😂 <– laughing emoji. Many thanks to those who are thinking of me and praying for me. Thank you to those who decided to send things and to the people whose packages I have already received. It’s always a game of chance when going tot he Post Office, but it is exciting to receive something. Heck, I’ll even take a post card!

Other than traveling, this past month has been pretty chill. After catching up on some work this week, the upcoming month should be fairly chill also. As we move forward we are getting closer to coming home. Looking forward to that time! Maybe I will end up on a Disney Cruise when I get back. Everybody save your money and come with. Speaking of cruising, I have decided I will not pay money to come back to Central America unless my Cruise ship is stopping here. However, the Marine Corps can pay me to come back. I might be alright with that.


Well, that’s enough writing and reading for you and me. Definitely contact me should you have questions or need someone to talk to. Thank you to all those who continue to pray for me and support me. Can’t wait to see you all again! Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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