Today is the day. I have arrived back in the United States and I am happy to be back! It has been six months since my last good cup of sweet tea and a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Bring. It. On.

Thank you to the people who have thought of me and prayed for me while I have been deployed. Honduras was not a difficult place to be, but it was not exhilarating by any means. Honduras is another country on my list I will never return to with my own money (unless my cruise ship is stopping by). Super grateful for all the experience I have gained both professionally and culturally, however, America is better and I need an Ocean Water from Sonic.

Our replacements arrived and we immediately started turning over our information to the oncoming Marines. That process was completed in about a week and then we were free unless the new Marines needed help. Talk about an easy final week in Honduras!

During Memorial Day weekend I was able to take a trip where I ended up in Panama City. That was a cool experience! I got to see the locks of the Panama Canal and then got to see them again in the air on the flight out. Panama CanalGeisha. 😷Panama City behind meWhile out, we went to try what is supposedly the most expensive cup of coffee called Geisha. Not worth it. It tasted like tea and coffee together and was gross. The Panama trip was a final hoorah before our departure and was super relaxing. Plus, I got to use hotel points to pay for the hotel.

Other than a cool trip and our replacements arriving, we have just been getting our affairs in order for coming off orders. Now we are in the states and completing our re-deployment requirements. Then I will be back in Greenville completing orders this summer. If you’re around, let’s hang out!

The rest of the summer is a little hazy as far as details are concerned, but for sure I will be moving into my new apartment in Orlando. Looking forward to that! It is a new construction like my last one so I am praying it is actually done on time (mid-July). Looking forward to going to some Drive games and seeing family and friends. I will also be stopping by camp this summer!

My phone number is the same so feel free to text me or call me if you want to meet up while I am in the Carolinas. Thank you again to all you praying folks who have been praying for me, for safety, and for the future. You are the true MVPs! I can share more details later on when I get summer plans in order. Hope to see you soon! Until next time: Be Strong. Love God. Love others.



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