Summer Update

Being back in the United States is certainly a blessing. Being back in the Greenville area is nice also. Being back at camp has been most excellent. I have really been enjoying my time back in the country thus far.

After we left Miami we went to Camp Lejeune to complete our processing. My family lives nearby so I was able to visit them the majority of the week. During that time I was able to visit many other friends including camp friends who joined the Marines. After we were done with processing I travelled to Greenville where my unit is located and where I will be completing my orders.

My orders do not end until August so I will be working in Greenville at my unit until then. During that time I will be taking leave. So while I am on leave I will get to see extended family and friends along the way. Ultimately I will end up in Florida again so I can move into my new apartment. My stuff has been sitting in a storage unit since September. I got a storage unit so I would not have to pay rent for a place I was not living. This new apartment is a new construction and I will be the first tenant of my unit (like how it was with my previous apartment). This time my apartment will actually be ready on time; unlike my last experience. Once I move in I will get things settled and return to Greenville to complete my orders. If you’re around the area then we should meet up!

Went to The Wilds
Sister graduated CIT at camp

After my orders are complete I will be going back to Florida and living life at Walt Disney World once more. Exciting stuff! Maybe I will end up on a Disney Cruise along the way. When I return to Walt Disney World I will still have a job as I am protected under USERRA. This covers employment rights of guard and reserve members of the military who leave on military orders.

Other than all of that, I’m healthy and doing the thing. Thank you to everyone who thinks of me and prays for me. Very much appreciated!

Just wanted to throw out a quick update and make people aware of the short-term plan. Let’s meet up sometime if you’re around where I will be! Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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