Happy Birthday

243 years ago some gentlemen at a tavern in Pennsylvania had a few drinks and started the world’s greatest fighting force; the United States Marine Corps. Today is our birthday. Happy birthday, Marines!

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is a celebration like no other. People get fancy and celebrate traditions passed down from generation to generation. There is also guaranteed to be a birthday cake. Priorities: am I right? Marines celebrate in every clime and place and, like I said, there is guaranteed to be cake. I’ve seen celebrations in even the most obscure places. The tradition of this celebration is one that brings the brotherhood together as one. It’s the start of the most wonderful time of the year.

Speaking of the most wonderful time of the year. . . it has arrived! Birthday celebration today, starting my new job in a couple days, and Christmas decorations are almost at 100% all over Walt Disney World! Last year I missed Christmas, but this year I will be around for its entirety. The holiday season at Walt Disney World is very unique and a lot of fun. If you are ever visiting during the holidays, make sure you go around to different resorts and see their gingerbread display. The culinary team puts in a lot of time, effort, and preparation for these incredible displays! Some even had hidden Mickey Mouse heads on them.

I don’t know if the culinary teams will put a display up at my new resort, but if they do then I will be sure to take a picture. If you read my previous post in its entirety then you already know that I am starting a new position at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. I am really excited to be a part of this team and continue to grow at The Walt Disney Company. My first month will be filled with a lot of training. There is no doubt there will be unique challenges at this location. If you’re ever staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort then maybe I will see you around!

After this drill I will head back to Florida and stay there for a while. This is beneficial to me as I start this new position. Of course in the Marine Corps Reserves you are never truly away from drill. As Platoon Sergeant I have added responsibilities which require attention during the other 28 days of the month. One of the goals of this coming year is to finish up promotion requirements and be selected to the rank of Staff Sergeant. If that happens then I will have met my original Marine Corps goal; make it to Staff Sergeant. After reaching my goal I have thrown around the idea of becoming a Warrant Officer. That’s in the air, but certainly a viable option. The Lord will provide wisdom as He faithfully does.

Happy Birthday, Marines! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone else! Next chapter of my Walt Disney World journey is about to begin and I am stoked. Thank you to those who pray and those who have prayed with me. May the most wonderful time of the year be a good one for each and every one of you. If it gets rough, just remember you’ve got people who care and who love you. I will give my time if you ever need a friend. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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  1. I vote a big fat YES to Warrant Officer! My husband was a Staff Sergeant when he was selected to WO. My 3 boys all started as enlisted and became officers ~ one is an Army Warrant Officer. You have just what it takes to be successful in this endeavor and who be an outstanding officer. Craig would be happy to talk to you about it.


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