Seven Years

It all started with the Marine Corps. This blog, my life’s current path, and even my literal life all started with the Marine Corps. Seven years ago I hopped off a 15-passenger van and found myself on some yellow footprints. That night was crazy. The Marine Corps has been a wild ride in and of itself, but it has been an awesome experience. For one, I’ve met some of the best people. Secondly, I have experienced things I otherwise may not have experienced. Click here for a look at the beginnings of this wild ride.

Seven years is a long time, but so many things have happened that it does not feel like seven years could have passed. I got a full-time job doing security in Simpsonville, rented my first apartment, discovered somehow I can cook, got a full-time job at The Wilds, traveled to Norway, Morocco, and Central America, bomb-shelled a few relationships, went on a few Disney Cruises, started working for The Walt Disney Company, went to Disneyland twice, learned about finances and accomplished some financial goals, took part in two funerals for my Marine buddies, completed some bucket list items, added some bucket list items to the list, and I even convinced some of my best friends to go on road trips with me (you know who you are). That doesn’t even come close to all the things. Seven years may have passed since I started bootcamp, but TEN years have passed since I graduated high school. Now that is crazy.

What is happening now? Well, since the last time I posted there has been a lot going on. I know you don’t want to read all about it right now so I’ll write the details below. Long story short: I returned to drill as a Platoon Sergeant and I just received an offer to be a full-time Housekeeping Manager at Disney’s Pop Century Resort!

In August I had an issue getting documentation from the Marines to come off my Military Leave of Absence with Disney. The documentation ordeal meant I was not working for a full month. During that time I came to the realization that with the current job status the financial plan I had created earlier in the year would only work until December. I needed a new plan.

Let me be clear on the next bit: God clearly orchestrated this whole thing. I made a financial plan to take me to the end of the year even without an income post-deployment. God set that up. I had a mental breakdown trying to figure out what to do financially past December. God drew me to Him. I took steps to meet people and get answers on my unique working situation. God brought each person to me. A deployment opportunity presented itself and I sought wisdom from the Lord on what to do. I got off work early one day and got three phone calls from Disney (one of which was related to the Guest Experience Manager role I applied for back in March 2018). God let me off work early so I could answer those calls. I declined the opportunity to deploy again. God provided wisdom. I found out I was going to have an interview for management on November 7th so I set up mock interviews with two different leadership teams. Both mock interviews were scheduled back to back in the same week. I got a call that very week that my interview would be accelerated to five days following the mock interview. God scheduled those mock interviews for the same week. I was told that my interview went well and I would hear back about an opportunity within the next few weeks. I got the call three days later. God knew.

Patience, perspective, and provision. Those are the key lessons from this part of the wild ride I have been on.

When I returned to drill in Greenville I was appointed a Platoon Sergeant. It was a crazy drill because we were preparing for the ball while my counterpart and I were trying to get a grasp on our new responsibilities. Next month we have the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville. Looking forward to the celebration of our Corps!

Well, that’s it for now. It has been a wild ride for real! Thankful for the Lord looking out for me and the lessons I’ve learned in the process. Can’t wait to start at Disney’s Pop Century Resort on November 13th! Thank you to those who have prayed for me and with me. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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