It is interesting when you regard something as insignificant but upon further review find it to be quite significant. My thought goes to the month of April. One exciting thing that happens every April is friends’ birthdays (Happy birthday, Lanee’!), but otherwise I never really regarded the month of April as significant. Today I got to thinking that the month of April is far more significant than I thought.

April 2011 is when I began my journey in the Marines Corps. April 2012 is when I got promoted in the Marines for the first time. April 2015 is when I found I was selected for meritorious Corporal. April 2016 is when I found out I was selected for Sergeant in the Marines. April 2016 is also when I was offered a job at Walt Disney World (read about that here). April 2017 I got to start my facilitation journey at Disney University and go to Morocco with the Marines. April 2018 I got to go to Costa Rica and Belize with the Marines. April 2019 I got accepted to facilitate at Disney University again for a new, leader-led Resorts class. As you can see, April has been far more significant than I thought.

Although we have not had drill with the Marines this month, I have kept very busy with work. The hospitality industry never stops; especially Walt Disney World. In case you missed it, I am a Housekeeping Manager at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. If you are ever staying with us, come visit the 50s (where I usually reside)! Walt Disney World is preparing for a lot of activity, people, and attention this year. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening at the end of summer, Disney’s Skyliner transportation system opens later this year, and summer is right around the corner! I recently auditioned and was accepted to facilitate again at Disney University for a relatively new class created for Resorts Cast Members. I am pretty excited to be a part of the facilitation team again!

There is not a lot of exciting stuff happening on the Marine Corps side at the moment other than waiting to get promoted. We have a lot of different training this summer for our Marines. I’ve got what we call “the itch”. Having gone out last year on that deployment has me ready to get called for another one. While I am very active at my civilian job, I am ready and willing to get out there again with the Marine Corps. I’ll keep you posted if something happens.

By the way, I saw Avengers: Endgame last night and it was amazing. No spoilers here.

Like I said already, April has been a far more exciting month in my life than I really ever considered. It’s all about perspective to be honest. Any month can be exciting if you are willing to let it be. That’s it for now! Thank you for reading and for those who continue to support me in prayer. Looking forward to more exciting months to come. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.




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