Four More Years

It is weird to think about the fact that I have been in the Marine Corps nearly eight years. The time has flown and the time has passed slowly; also kind of weird. I remember beginning this adventure and I remember starting this blog (read my first post here) on my iPhone 4 while sitting on a bus headed to Columbia, SC. Now I am selected as a Staff Sergeant (SSgt) and I was able to re-enlist for four more years while I was in Norway! More on Norway below. As noted in the blog name, this has been a wild ride indeed.


Four more years of Marine Corps means that I will continue to serve in the reserves and work a civilian job. Of course deployments and activation can always happen during that time depending on the need. As I continue up in the ranks I will have to branch out as far as my home unit is concerned. The unit a reservist can be attached to is based on the billet available in one’s current pay grade. Since I am about to become a SSgt, I will need to find another unit that rates an E-6 2311 (MOS code). Figuring that out as we go.


Sometimes when writing I try to impart some sort of takeaway based on what I’ve experienced, however, the plan for this post is simply an update. Maybe I will inadvertently impart some wisdom and someone out there will be a better person for it. I don’t know.


In May we had drill in SC where we prepared for the Annual Training (AT) season. Come to find out I was put on an AT to Norway! Back in Florida I continued the daily grind at work. Oh yeah, at work I was asked to be a relief Duty Manager at the resort! I would never have imagined this honor would be bestowed on me. Me? Worthy of training to become a relief Duty Manager? Pretty neat! Truly humbling. The training is taking some time as it involves a lot of work shadows and being pulled from my operation (which is currently short on leaders). Can’t wait to serve the team in this way! Oh, and one more thing. I can’t remember if I already shared this, but I tried out, was selected, and will soon learn my script as a Resort Hospitality Facilitator at the Disney University!


And just like that, June 2019 was upon us. For three weeks I was out of the United States and in Norway! We did some training in the beautiful country and also got to do some site seeing. It would be my wish to return to Norway with enough money saved up to see even more of the country. It is breathtaking. While in Norway we got to see some viking ships, the Fjords, historical landmarks, the country capital, ride the train system, see a 1,000 year old cathedral, and never see nighttime the entirety of our stay.

Viking Ship
Viking ship
My people
In front of Opera House
Opera House
Royal Palace


My favorite part of the entire Norway trip was re-enlisting in the Marine Corps. We found a pretty great spot next to a beach on the Fjord. It was such a unique and thrilling occasion and I was happy to share that experience with my Marines. Norway weather is interesting because when we arrived to the location it was sunny and hot, but in a matter of 15 minutes it was overcast and comfortable. Reminds me of Florida!


After returning from Norway I had a day of rest and then my family came for Independence Day! Unfortunately I worked most of the time, but thankfully I had the actual holiday off. We had a great time visiting the parks, relaxing, and seeing fireworks from home and at Epcot. One of the highlights was eating at our favorite restaurant, ‘Ohana!


Now it’s back to the daily grind again. In just a few short weeks I go back to SC for drill. After that I have an extremely exciting plan for my birthday. I’m going on a Disney Cruise! Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Sorry if this was super boring to you. Know that you are loved and I want to chat with you if you need someone to talk to. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.





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