Summer Vacation

The term “summer vacation” hits different this year. A lot of people have had to cancel or modify their planned events. I did not have very many plans, but I had an event in May get rescheduled twice. Hopefully things look better in October! No matter the inconvenience, I continue to be grateful that God has blessed me with life and brought me to where I am today. Past events have led me here, and, in retrospect, I would not ask to change a thing. God is good!

Over the 4th of July holiday my family was able to make a trip down here to New Orleans. Of course a lot of things were different than usual, but we were still able to see and do things. Mom almost got eaten by an alligator. Haha, just kidding. We only had a few days, but we got to walk around the city and see all sorts of things. My family ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde (even though The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans makes them better), we got to eat at a seafood place, and we got to ride on the St. Charles Avenue street car. There were no fireworks this year (as I suspected), but there were people all over town shooting off their own.

Since the holiday, there has not been anything too crazy going on. We went back to work and found out a few days later someone on the other end of the office tested positive. That day we took off and teleworked again for a week. Honestly, I have probably already had COVID and didn’t know it. Back in January/February I had been unusually sick with symptoms aligned with that of COVID, but that was back when we still didn’t know much about it. I can tell you I am positive for being over this whole thing.

As August approaches, I am excited to take a summer vacation and travel again. If you are in Eastern NC then let’s hang out! It won’t be too long until we are traveling for work again too. That will also be exciting. Travel is exciting! Speaking of summer vacation, don’t you worry, debt-free journey accountability partners! This trip has been part of the long-term budget plan for a while. “Budget and behavior” doesn’t mean you can’t budget in some fun. If you want to hear more about what that budget looks like, let me know through the comments below or via text/email.

When the summer ends and September arrives, my ADOS orders will quickly come to an end. I know some folks who have followed along might be wondering what happens next. Well, Lord willing, I should be on a new set of orders here in New Orleans for at least six months. More to follow. If that does not end up happening then we shall see. I am not going back to Florida (at least that’s not the current backup plan). There are some ideas for the future (post-ADOS), but those ideas are not ready for the internet.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this over the years, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, and yesterday was Christmas in July. I had a whole big post in the works, but it no longer exists. Merry Christmas in July! Here’s a picture of the Christmas in July party from last year.

Christmas in July 2019

Did you make it to the end of this post? Welcome to the end of this post! I honestly have no clue if anyone actually reads these or if they just click on it and leave. If I go radio silent for two years again then it’s probably either because my life has become exceptionally boring or I’ve opted to stop writing to the vast depths of the internet. Let me know if you made it here! Thank you to those who continue to follow and pray with me. Pray for the future no matter what it may bring. All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.




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  1. Hey! I read all your posts and I read them to the end. You’re a great writer. Don’t quit. God gets the glory when you share how He is workin tv in your life. Let’s proclaim His grace in our lives. I do pray for you and will continue to do so. God bless you, Jai.

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