Debt Free Journey: October 2020

This month was really a test of how my budget and behavior worked together to keep the momentum going. October started a new Fiscal Year and something happened with my military orders that resulted in a lapse of pay. No worries. I was back-paid in the middle of the month and it was like nothing happened.

October concluded with a payment of $2,900 towards student loans.

Total Balance: $15,707.72

There were some leftover line items that amount to around $170, and they will be applied to the student loan balance. The leftover line items include grocery money, gas money, and fun money. These items do not roll over.

I received a small payout from a single stock I dabbled in during the pandemic. This was immediately applied to the student loan balance. Waiting for another small payout from a different single stock. Single stocks would be much more fun if I had money to gamble with. Zero stars. Do not recommend. Lessons learned.

November gets the holiday season started. Remember, Christmas happens the same time every year. Don’t let it sneak up on you! I am proud to say I have had a Christmas and birthday fund funded since August. November will include some work travel so my budget and behavior will be tested during this change in activity.

Speaking of the holidays. . . Starbucks serves up my favorite drinks during the holiday season. I’ve been saving all my Starbucks Rewards stars just for this reason; free Christmas drinks! This is relevant because now I don’t have to budget for any Christmas drinks since they are all covered with stars.

Looking forward to the update in November because we will have brought the total student loan balance to around $12,600. At this rate it looks like I could be debt free around March 2021. Hoping for February, but March is fine with me. Almost there!

Be strong. Love God. Love others.


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