Debt Free Journey: November 2020

This month was one of those months where spending was higher than usual. My budget allows for spending, but I do not usually spend the maximum amount. With friends visiting, holiday preparations, and work trips, I was able to pay down an additional $2,900 on my student loans. Actually, that was the plan. This month was a blessing in that I was finally able to sell one of my single stock investments valued at over $1,400, I am not advocating for single stock investments which is why I have been trying to sell. This, coupled with a couple of leftover line items left me with the ability to pay $4,376 on the student loans.

Total Balance: $11,331.22

Because of my budget (and strict adherence to it) I was able to avoid any overspending when it came to eating out when friends that came to visit. I did notice how easy it is to spend money on food and how quickly it adds up. The city is a dangerous place if you’re a foodie on a budget.

As the holidays approach I am not worried about gifts because I have been putting money into a Christmas fund since May 2020. From May to August I set aside a certain amount to be used for family birthdays and Christmas. Wouldn’t you know it. . . Christmas is on the 25th of December again! The holidays and birthdays should never be a surprise that causes us to go over budget. Just like we save up for trips and vacations, we should be able to save up for Christmas so we are not regretting our holiday spending in January.

This month has been different, but overall it has been a good month. I was able to overcome a different spending pattern by maintaining a behavior that required strict adherence to the budget. Next month will be interesting since I have work trips and the holidays. Mathematically I will be done with this journey in March 2021. Lord willing I can squeeze out enough money to be debt free in February 2021. Until then, I will keep on keeping on.

Be strong. Love God. Love others.


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