It is amazing to think that 1)Recruit training is over 2)My ten days of leave are almost over. Time flies!

On Tuesday I am headed to Camp Geiger, NC right here where I live. So traveling won’t be a hassle which is great. After something like 28 days I will be in VA and five weeks after I arrive there I am done with initial training! Awesome. It sounds like such a long time, but in the end I know I will look back and say, “man time really flew by!”

How is it that times seems to just fly by like it’s no big deal? I don’t know but I do know that James tells us that our lives are but a vapor seen one moment and gone the next. Time flies! Then again, we also do not know the end of our time here on earth and thus every moment should be treated precious and every heart beat should pass with our mindset to glorify God. He is too good to me and I cannot imagine where I would be without Him. I sin every day and yet He still loves me and has saved me from eternity in hell. God chose me before the earth was formed. Why? His grace truly is sufficient for me. I do not deserve any of it, yet I am thankful. To God be the glory!

Remember that motto I created at bootcamp?

God.Honor.Country.Why I joined the Marine Corps

Well I threw together a little poster I have been wanting to do for some time. It’s not anything super, but it makes my commitment more real. So what does it mean? Well, first of all I wanted to glorify God. The God who sent His Son to come to this earth and die on the cross that I might be saved from hell. Second, I wanted to bring honor to my family. Thirdly, I wanted to serve the country that has provided me freedoms you cannot find just anywhere. What a blessing!


God has over abundantly provided all of my needs. He is good. Thank you yet again for all of your prayers and your support. Without your help I may not have been able to make it through recruit training. The power of prayer. It’s amazing.

Boy this post is kind of random… Haha.




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