My Prayer

Dear Gracious God,

You alone are worthy of my praise, of my requests, of my worship. Please, God, help me at this moment to live a life that is dependent on Your grace. Keep my heart and guard my soul from all the evils that I face. Lord, You are worthy of my praise, of my every thought and my every deed. Please, glorify Your name through me.

Thank you so much for my salvation, for my life, and for this day. You provide the things I need even when I do not deserve them. Help me to love as you love; an unchanging, everlasting, unconditional, true, whole-hearted love. It is so hard to output that type of love on my own, but because of You, I know I can ask for such a love and You will supply. But will I accept? I am so selfish and prideful that I often reject the blessings You provide. Please forgive me. When I see Your power and Your grace shown in my life or anywhere around me, please open my eyes and stir my heart to that of immediate praise. You tell us in Philippians to rejoice always. To rejoice with them that do rejoice. Help me do that. Forgive me of the times too often I have become envious and discontent. My prayer is to be as much like Your son, Jesus, as I can be. I need Your help though. I can do anything through You, O God. 
When times are good and when times are bad, You are always near. Never let me forget that. I do not care if everything is going smoother than anything has ever gone before. Please, God, please keep me on my knees in prayer, in adoration, in humility, and in helplessness depending on You. My head is so big, but, Lord, You are much bigger. Nothing is impossible when I put my trust in You. 

Please give me the opportunity, today, to share Your grace with one who has not heard the ultimate love story. If you so choose to bring me home to glory this day, I will gladly spend and be spent until the moment my time is over. I used to fear death because of my doubts, but I know that I am invincible here on earth until Your work is done and Your will for my life has met its end. If Your love had not sent Your Son to the cross to pay the penalty for my sin, I would be lost and this prayer pointless. But Christ has risen from the dead, He is coming again, and one day I will be ushered into glory to walk the streets of gold, sing praises to Your name, and fall before Your throne proclaiming how great Thou art!
Help me to serve like You serve. Love like You love. Teach like You teach. 
This day belongs to You. Use me.



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