Two Years Running

October 24, 2011 was the start of my journey as a United States Marine. It is amazing how much time has passed since I began my pursuit of something greater than myself. God has seen me through every step with this wild ride and I am truly grateful to be His chosen child. Though the reserve side of the Marine Corps is nothing like active duty (which I would like to be one day), I am grateful for where the Lord has led me because I have been able to do things I’ve always desired to do. One of the things I have always wanted to do is be working at the Wilds in Brevard, NC. This camp has ben a huge part of my life and to give back has been one of my greatest desires.

To those who have prayed for me through bootcamp, combat training, and continue to pray: thank you! The power of prayer is astounding. I am blessed to have great family and friends who care about me and care about our troops.

Of course we had that government shutdown this past month… That wasn’t fun in the sense that my drill weekend was cancelled and so I did not get paid (which messed up my budget plan). Other than that I was not affected by the shutdown and work at the Wilds continued as usual. I am loving it here. Not only do I get to serve people, I get to be around godly mentors and be in special singing groups that proclaim truth. The scenery is astounding up here this time of year. God is doing a work here and His plan always perfect.

Sunday evening we had a fire in the laundry room which sits under our Dining Hall facility. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and the fire was caught before spreading to the entire building. As a result of the fire our laundry room is out of commission, some of our food inventory has been thrown away, and our building has been without electricity, gas, and plumbing. Praise the Lord for little to no structural damage! The dining hall and kitchen have not lost any equipment but the facility has had to be professionally cleaned and deodorized from the smoke. Unfortunately because the power, gas, and plumbing loss we were forced to cancel this week’s camp, but we are well on our way to recovery and planning on camp this weekend. Being a cook during a time we are unable to use the kitchen has made the week interesting. What will be even more interesting is washing every dish that we own at least twice. God has been so good though and we are rejoicing in God’s intervention in all things.

Thank again for your thoughts, prayers and support. Looking forward to the Lord’s leading and continuing to pray for an open door to MARSOC. Be strong. Love God. Love others.




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