A Day that will Live in Infamy

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of the attack on the United States of America by the Empire of Japan in Pearl Harbor. Of all things to be motivated by, Pearl Harbor motivates me, as an American and a US Marine, to love this country more and fight for its foundational principles. Thank you to those who have served before me and are survivors of the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

One of the reasons I joined the Marine Corps is because of two major attacks on our nation. I never doubt my enlistment and I always look forward to what my USMC adventure holds. I continually strive for my next promotion and I will work hard toward the next step in my marine corps career and ultimate goal of becoming an officer one day. The Lord blesses me each day with health that allows me to pursue my goals and fulfill the desires of my heart. A couple of those desires being to work at camp and have a girlfriend.

That’s right people, as of October 31, 2013 I am officially dating my friend, Kathleen Johnson. What a blessing she is and what a constant rebuke of god’s grace in my life and how lightly I take it. We met at the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC back in 2010 but didn’t really pursue any sort of relationship until early this past summer. We have had many great conversations and we even got to spend Thanksgiving together. I look forward to what the Lord will bring into our lives this Christmas and the years to come.

God continues to be a part of our ministry at camp and has blessed us even after suffering from a fire in our laundry room (wilds.org/dhfire). I don’t understand how God loves me even when I fail but I am thankful he does! Camp work can be tough like everything else in life, but the results of our work are so good. I was reading one of my old notebooks and came across a verse in Philippians that always encourages me:

For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake

Philippians 1:29

I not only believe in Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for me, but I am willing to take the hard route and suffer that He may glorified. It’s all about God’s glory. It’s always been that way. I am thankful for the cross.



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