People Post Perfection

I’ve recently spoken to some friends and seen images on social media that pointed out the harsh reality that, more often than not, people post perfection on the internet. The good times are great moments to share, but only sharing great moments can promote a false reality. The fact of the matter is that no one person is perfect, no single person’s life is more significant than another person’s, and accepting human imperfection can bring about joy. The only person that was ever perfect in this world was the Savior of this world; Jesus Christ. Even with Jesus being perfect He never lived a life that was strictly glamour and good times. Lest we forget He had humble beginnings and then was crucified. I am not saying people should stop posting the good times or start posting all the bad times. God appointed imperfect people to complete His perfect work. I don’t know how that works, but He is doing it and it is proof that a life well lived can be lived sans perfection.

This platform has always been fairly transparent (for the most part), so I don’t think I’ve strictly spoken of good things. The title of this blog is “The Wild Ride” for good reason. Life is a wild ride! Life has brought each of us to this day, September 1, 2018. One way or another, we’ve made it! That’s another day to better ourselves. It’s another day to make a difference. It’s another day to suffer. It’s another day to triumph. It’s all about perspective.

Over the past month I have learned a lot about perspective. From getting off active duty orders to getting back to work, it has been wild. I got home to Florida nearly a month ago and was waiting on documentation from the Marines to turn into HR at work. That took two weeks. The company received my paperwork and had to process it (about ten business days). I was looking to start work towards the end of August. Long story short, I start work on Tuesday (September 4th). So it has been a full month of not working, however, I have been working on next steps in my Disney career.

Back to the perspective thing. I had an idea of how things would progress when I returned to work. That has not been the case. It was easy to get frustrated and anxious for the future as I have not had an income for a month. It wasn’t until I humbled myself that I realized my perspective was off. The angle I approached it was that if I didn’t complete x, y, z then a, b, c would not occur. Finally I realized my first mistake: I simply refused to take my burdens to the Lord. My strength alone was all I cared about. What a rookie! In subtle ways (and not so subtle) I was reminded of Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good.”

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”       Romans 8:28

Literally all things work together for good; the good and the bad. I know this because I love God and know I am called for His purpose (imperfect people being used for His perfect work). From not making an income for a month to befriending people at church, all things are working together. I remember being at a time like this (future unknowns) and writing about it back in 2013. You can read about that here (talk about a throwback!).

There is no way I am doing things “right” or perfect, but God has used these times to draw me closer to Him and to reveal how my strength alone can only take me so far. God supplies all our needs. God’s plans are not my plans. God, in His infinite wisdom, has orchestrated my life up to this point and beyond. What a wild ride it has been!

As previously mentioned, I start work on September 4th! This is where it gets complicated and I am not going into detail. I will be a full-time Lifeguard at Disney’s Contemporary Resort after completing my training and getting my guard license. I’m going to my original Disney home! On the Marine side: this is my 7th year of enlistment so the option to re-enlist has arrived. I have decided that re-enlisting is what I am going to do. With that being said, I will be signing up to stay in the Marine Corps Reserves for another four years. As has always been the case, I could be called up to active duty at any time.

While I have been away from work I have had Sundays off and have been able to go to church! The body I have found practices worship a little different than I am used to, but the the fundamental truths are all the same. It has been a good experience getting plugged into this community and studying God’s Word with them. I am praying that I can get Sundays off for once and continue to attend regularly. Pray with me!

This has been a very long post. I hope I haven’t bored you to death yapping about how people’s lives are too perfect on the internet (I kid, I kid). But seriously. . . People post perfection and we need to actively engage our minds in that fact. We need to live our lives and not theirs. Hopefully all of that made sense. Thank you for making it this far in the post. Thank you to those who pray for me. Please pray that the complicated portion of the work situation gets sorted out in God’s time. Also pray that I can get Sundays off. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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