New Adventures

It is a beautiful day aboard the Disney Wonder out in the Gulf of Mexico. The seas have not been rough, but we are certainly chugging right along as we head home. At a reasonable 73 degrees, we are enjoying great weather, great service, and living and giving like no one else. I have waited a long time to take this cruise after finally becoming debt free. It feels good to cruise again.

Talking about this cruise is not why I write though. I am not trying to be flashy by any means. The feeling of paying cash for a cruise and having money to give (tips) generously is quite exhilarating. We may have to revisit that in a different post sometime. This has been a great vacation after the height of the pandemic.

Some time has passed since writing at sea. We have arrived back on land and it is already March. Time is flying by! Following the last update there has been much happening from the holidays up to Mardi Gras. The holiday season proved busy since I was traveling and hosting Christmas. Mom came to visit for the holidays where we went around the city and enjoyed New Years fireworks from my roof deck. Immediately following I may have potentially contracted the Omicron, but I opted to stay home and never got tested. We may never know. Some time after I was back on the road for work.

Serious consideration for next steps began while on my work trips. I really needed to know what the next steps would be and where they would lead me post New Orleans. Florida did not make sense for me at this stage, but a thought resurfaced while examining the future. There was a company I considered working for back in 2020 during quarantine. Why was I drawn to it? Why there? Would it be the right move? These questions were easily answered after prayer and reflection on places God has put me in the past. Most places I have worked at have had an impact on my life, and this company was no different. The Wilds, The Walt Disney Company, and even the Marine Corps have impacted my life. I wanted to give back and be a part of something similarly impacting other people’s lives. So after sending an application, prayer, several rounds of interviews, and a couple of trips, I am excited to have accepted a position at Ramsey Solutions in Nashville! So that’s where the next steps have led me.

The big move is weeks away and I begin at Ramsey Solutions in mid-April. What an exciting time! I talk a lot about Ramsey Solutions in my Financial Adventure posts, but that is not because I am going to work for them. It is because I believe in the mission, I believe there is hope for everyone, and I believe Ramsey wants to ensure folks out there have the tools and wherewithal to believe it too.

On the Marine side of things, I am hopping back into the reserve life and going to my old unit in Greenville. If time allows, and I can get everything together before this move, I am trying to submit that long awaited package to become a Warrant Officer. They have opened up positions in the ammunition field (my specialty), so that is an opportunity not often afforded. May the Lord’s will be done. It would also be really cool to pick up Gunnery Sergeant along the way. We shall see.

Cruising, moving, working, and starting a new job is my current life situation as I transition into a new adventure. A lot going on! I will say, it felt so good to cruise again that I am fully prepared to sign up for another cruise as soon as possible. Who is coming with me?

Thank you for sticking around if you made it this far. For the praying kind, please feel free to pray for this upcoming move, new job, Warrant Officer, and that my car doesn’t die along the way. I look forward to what comes next. Here’s to new adventures on this wild ride. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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