Better Than I Deserve

Have you ever been a part of something (or maybe several things) so unique and so incredible that words are difficult to come by? That is where I am right now. Where do I begin? Okay, first let’s talk about one thing. . . North Carolina beat Duke in the Final Four and I was there to witness it. That’s right. I was in New Orleans watching the game of a lifetime. So that’s one thing of many incredible things. If you were to ask me how I was doing, I could easily say, “better than I deserve.”

As mentioned in my last post, I have accepted a job in Tennessee. With that, the remainder of March was full of activity to finish out my responsibilities in New Orleans and begin the move. Part of my Marine work included one final business trip out to Kansas. I know, I know. What’s in Kansas? Work! That’s what. After that trip I went into full transition mode and started clearing out my desk and files, and completed important appointments. My section even showed up to a lunch function that would send me off. Finally, on my last day, I was presented with an award. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have served with the folks in New Orleans.

Immediately following my last day at work, it was off to the races as I prepared for a jam packed weekend. April 1st was no joke. The Final Four festivities were beginning, we had another send off lunch for my Marines, I still needed to finish my move preparations, and my friend JD was headed to town for the Final Four. We had a great lunch to send off the Marines. I made 1.2% progress on moving. JD made it safe and sound. Let the weekend begin!

On Saturday, April 2nd, JD and I enjoyed some of the town and Final Four festivities. It was fun (and delicious!). The real fun had not even started yet. Later in the day, most of the remaining festivities were a little barren as the Kansas and Villanova fans had left the streets of New Orleans headed to the Superdome. Good for them. We would be there soon.

After arriving to the Superdome (around 6pm CST), JD and I took some cool photos, went inside, then stood in line for basically 4 hours to get food/water. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but it did take a long time. We arrived to our seats as the first game was ending. There was a sea of fans all around us, some of which we could not identify as being on our side. It turned out we were technically on the Duke side. No worries! We made new friends right next to us who happened to be Carolina fans. Then the game of a lifetime began. The rest is history.

April 3rd was game day too, but not for basketball. I had to finish separating stuff for the movers who were due to arrive the following day. JD was gracious enough to help, so we knocked it out and then went back out into the town. April 4th was movers day, but it was also game day for real. Thankfully the movers were able to finish quickly so we could maximize the remaining time prior to the game. Carolina did not become national champions that day, but we still won the weekend – beating Duke in the Final Four at Coach K’s last game.

On April 6th I turned in the keys to my apartment and started my multi-destination road trip to Tennessee. Did you know that Buc-cee’s (it’s a gas station) has expanded quite a bit in the south? I didn’t know that! April 10th I arrived in Tennessee, and on April 11th I started my new role at Ramsey Solutions. April 15th I broke myself into the Tennessee culture by going to see Garth Brooks in concert. He puts on on a great show!

Garth Brooks

Finally, we are caught up to present day where I have finished my second week at Ramsey Solutions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work at a place that takes its mission seriously and believes the wellness of its team members is important. God has used Ramsey Solutions to help me understand how to pay off debt, get on track with my finances, and finally become debt free. What a wild ride it has been! Back in 2020 I started getting back into the “Ramsey Plan” when I was quarantined. At that point I was able to map out, buckle down, and embark on the journey to become debt free. Spoiler Alert! It worked!

My role at Ramsey Solutions is a Customer Success Agent on the Ramsey+ Customer Success team. We interface with customers who use Ramsey Solutions digital/virtual products such as EveryDollar, Financial Peace University, and Financial Coach Master Training. I suppose I was aware that Ramsey Solutions did more than money stuff, but I did not know how many other aspects of life Ramsey has entered into. Whether it be in the career space, family space, mental health space, or marriage space. Ramsey Solutions has set out on a crusade to help as many people as possible from all walks of life. I’m here for it, and I am blessed to be a part.

Onboarding group

As previously mentioned, I have now concluded my second week at Ramsey Solutions. Yes, I have met Dave Ramsey and seen him several times. He eats lunch like the rest of us, and he loves what he does. It shows. The work environment is unlike any I have been a part of. For instance, we had a company-wide flip cup tournament on Thursday. They paid for lunch (thanks, Chick-Fil-A!) and we cheered our respective teams on. This was all on company time! Who does that? Ramsey Solutions does. I am excited to be a part of something that is having an impact on people much like the company had an impact on me. God keeps doing amazing work in my life, and He’s certainly put me in a place where I am doing better than I deserve.

That was an extremely long post. I told you a lot of stuff happened in the last few weeks. Plus, that wasn’t even all of it! For the praying type, pray that my stuff makes it safe and sound to Tennessee. It arrives on Friday. Can’t wait to see where this wild ride takes me next. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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