‘Tis the Season

Having lived in the south, south for a while (we’re talking the humid, swampy lands of Florida and Louisiana), I forgot there is more to the seasons than simply hot and chilly. It gets to be less than 50 degrees on the regular everywhere else! That’s the joy of moving further north I suppose. ‘Tis the season!

Speaking of the season, this year’s holiday season is starting off to be an exciting one. I just left Northern Virginia after having attended a wedding for my dear friend, Lanee’, and her now husband, John. It was very cold outside. Shout out and congratulations to Lanee’ and John! Now I am headed to Western North Carolina to visit camp, friends, family, and Dolly Parton. Well, not exactly Dolly. We’re going to Dollywood! By the time the holiday season is through, hopefully I’ll start getting used to the cold.

Come January, I will be headed off on the next journey of this wild [Marine Corps] ride. I am scheduled to attend the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) where, Lord willing, I will be appointed a Marine Warrant Officer graduating in the Spring. With a cold winter expected, my time there will not be very fun. I went through bootcamp at Parris Island during the winter months and thought that was cold. This will surely pale in comparison. There is a lot of preparation to be done, so I am praying that God will give me the mental and physical capability to prepare for and graduate WOBC.

On the civilian side, I will be on a Military Leave of Absence starting in January. My job is secured and I will be back in middle Tennessee once everything has concluded. I am grateful for Ramsey Solutions and its thoughtful care of its team members.

The last few months have flown by since Summer concluded. I was able to participate in a Fort Worth military hike back in September. That was a blast! I joined a church in Tennessee called Community Baptist Church. Ramsey had its annual, world-famous (almost) Battle of the Bands competition. Oh, and I got to go on vacation in Florida!

Finally, I graduated college from Liberty University. I’ve been doing the online program for many years and finished up my last class on October 14th. It has taken a while, but I’m grateful for having been able to graduate and do the rest of my education debt free. You can read more about that on my recent graduation post. That is at the bottom.

Exciting times ahead! The Lord never fails to provide even when the going gets tough. I am stoked for Christmas and the entire holiday season. Please pray with me as I prepare for mental and physical readiness headed into WOBC. Also pray for safe travels during the holidays. Merry Christmas! Stay warm out there. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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