Week Six

Have you ever been going through a busy week and found that time flew by? Or maybe you have been so busy it felt like the week would not end. Although this past week was only four work days, it felt like we would never see the end. What a week! It’s not that the week was extraordinarily difficult, but the days were certainly elongated. Let’s see how much I can recall.

Tuesday morning we made a foot movement (hike) out to the range where we spent one night under the stars. The range days were great because we got to shoot. The range days were also very long because we incorporated nighttime shoots and had to wait until after dark to conduct those. Tuesday night we spent under the stars as the temperatures dropped. Let’s just say that sleep was not good for anybody that night. No worries! Lessons were learned by all for our first field exercise coming up in March.

On Thursday we went to a different range to employ grenade launchers and automatic weapons systems. This incorporated a night shoot as well.

Yesterday (Friday) we went out into the woods for land navigation. It is exactly as it sounds. Using individual effort, we were required to navigate the land using our analog tools (compass, map, protractor, etc.). You know, just in case we ever get lost. Click here to see a video about land navigation. I couldn’t help but think about having lived in Quantico as a kid and walked through the woods for fun. Now I’m getting paid to walk through the woods!

As a result of walking/jogging 20 miles (that’s an exaggeration––probably 6-10 miles), the back of my knee has started hurting. I guess it’s the tendon back there that is either tight or strained. Not sure. The plan is to rest, roll, and find a knee brace for compression. Anybody else have ideas to minimize discomfort and mitigate injury? See the poll below.

It is full steam ahead as we cross over into March next week. Our endurance course that was canceled last week has been rescheduled for Monday. Pray for my knee. Wednesday we go into a graded Double Obstacle Course. YouTube has a ton of videos of the Marine Corps Obstacle Course should you be interested in what that looks like. You can watch one of those videos by clicking here.

Our Company Commanding Officer informed us that we have less than 60 training days remaining in this course. There is much more to be done during that time. Continue to pray for safety, favorable weather, and an injury free course.

Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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