Week Eighteen

This was the last week of Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) at The Basic School (TBS). Much like when we arrived, it was a short, four-day week and we graduated on Thursday. Look out world! Nearly 300 Warrant Officers are being released into the wild. Monday was mostly uneventful other than command photos being taken... Continue Reading →

Week Seventeen

Ten weeks ago I was talking about leadership panels, preparing for the field, and running physically demanding events (check out that post here). Although it was not so long ago, ten weeks at Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) feels like twenty. Many lessons have been learned, friendships have formed, and we now hold a basic... Continue Reading →

Week fiFteen

Although it is near the end of our run here at WOBC, the time seems to be slowing down unnecessarily. What a week! There wasn't anything crazy going on except a lot of special guests, several classes, and Tactical Decision Game (TDG) style experiences. We also had several opportunities for Marines to remediate on previous... Continue Reading →

Week Eleven

Our Company Commanding Officer informed us that there are 34 training days left of Warrant Officer Basic Course. That's no joke! Time is starting to feel accelerated around here. For that, we are thankful. Just two more weeks left in Phase III (one of which is going to be a week in the field). Monday... Continue Reading →

Week Ten

Many thanks to those who prayed for the test that happened this week. I passed! We are now in what is called Phase III. According to our schedule, we have three weeks of Phase III left before we get into, believe it or not, Phase IV. That's the home stretch. Honestly, this past week was... Continue Reading →

Week Nine

What a whirlwind of a week! Do you ever feel time drag on and yet fly by? That was what happened the last seven days. Our week started off learning concepts that would be implemented a few days later. There was a written test, leadership seminar with a retired Marine, tour of an Osprey, full... Continue Reading →

Week Eight

Another week has passed and we have made it through our time in the field. We are forever grateful as the weather was quite favorable. On Monday we started early and began implementing our orders writing/execution skills. This went on for a couple of days. We made our way to another site where we camped... Continue Reading →

Week Seven

The last few days have been focused on getting ready for week eight (that's the week coming up). We will be going out to the field in order to implement Marine things we have learned so far. From what the instructors have indicated, this will be a full, busy, and important week of evaluation. We... Continue Reading →

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