Week Eleven

Our Company Commanding Officer informed us that there are 34 training days left of Warrant Officer Basic Course. That’s no joke! Time is starting to feel accelerated around here. For that, we are thankful. Just two more weeks left in Phase III (one of which is going to be a week in the field).

Monday started with a full day of land navigation. I talked about what land navigation (land nav) means in a previous post (click here to check it out). Everything went surprisingly well. Our final land nav day is coming next week (finally!), so we will be examined during the day and at night. There was some physical activity this week, but the name of the game was practical application of crew served weapons systems. On Thursday we headed out to the range to shoot machine guns and hike back 7 miles. Hiking here with the hills is no fun.

Shooting Machine Gun

Next week, as mentioned before, we test out on land nav. We will also have a full week of classes to prepare for the field. The week after next (week after Easter) is our field exercise. With that being said, these next 6 days are to ensure we are ready to execute said exercise. Pray for favorable weather. We have been blessed thus far.

Once we have returned from the field, we will have a short weekend, take our end of phase exam, and roll right into Phase IV. Time is going to fly by and we will be graduating before long. Thank you to those who have been cheering us on along the way and praying. Please pray for safety, health, and favorable weather. See you on the other side. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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