Week Sixteen

Phase IV exam is complete, grades are in, and certificates have been proofread. We are rapidly closing in on WOBC graduation! Newly graduated Warrant Officers will be released and joining a command near you–probably. While we still have one full week left of legitimate military training (MOUT FEX), graduation is near.

Before leaving Quantico, I needed to pay a visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. I headed that way Sunday afternoon after a rain storm. It was a very peaceful and educational experience. There is a park/trail outside of the museum that was completely empty. Inside is full of history and interesting things. It has been over 15 years since my last visit. Glad I was able to go again from the perspective of being a Marine.

Monday and Tuesday was full of classes. We had a full day regarding the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP) and then we had a full day regarding MOUT. Next week we execute the MOUT FEX (I spoke about it in the previous post), but more on that later. Wednesday, our platoon conducted a uniform inspection ahead of graduation. This officer uniform is weird!

Thursday, we took our Phase IV exam which is the final exam for this course. The grade has not officially posted in the grade book, but I did some calculations and am confident I passed. The remainder of Thursday was set aside to meet with our Occupational Field Sponsors (Occ Field Sponsors). Depending on our respective jobs, we have someone high up in the food chain who oversees that Marine Occupational Specialty (MOS) field. My MOS or occupational field is ground ammunition. We met our Occ Field Sponsor and discussed topics to include expectations, opportunities, and updates in the community. It was a good chat.

Friday (yesterday), our company went out to the MOUT site in order to practice for next week’s FEX (field exercise). It was a very early morning and a long day. We practiced clearing buildings, patrolling urban streets, and immediate actions on possible IED sightings. This is legitimate training, however, it is not a graduation requirement. The Company’s level of enthusiasm for this training has dwindled.

Whether we like it or not, Monday morning will start very early to begin the MOUT FEX. Our schedule has us returning Thursday morning. Only two full days and three overnights out at MOUT. My responsibility next week is to lead one of our squad attacks. I will write an order this weekend, brief the order, and we will execute seizing our objective (a building) as a squad. The last hurrah!

Once the Company has returned from MOUT, we will be squeezing in a lot of administrative items into the rest of the schedule. Next Thursday and Friday we begin returning some of our issued items. Friday is our platoon function which I have been responsible for putting together. Hopefully it’s everything the platoon dreamed of.

Graduation is May 18th. If you are trying to attend, shoot me a text and let me know. I can share the details. You may be wondering what happens after May 18th. . . I probably already shared that in a previous post, but if not, I will share it later. This post is too long.

Thank you to those who are following along and made it this far. Thank you to those who have been praying. Please pray for safety, health, and favorable weather as we finish out WOBC. We have been blessed with favorable weather thus far, so we are praying for another favorable week in the field. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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