Week fiFteen

Although it is near the end of our run here at WOBC, the time seems to be slowing down unnecessarily. What a week! There wasn’t anything crazy going on except a lot of special guests, several classes, and Tactical Decision Game (TDG) style experiences. We also had several opportunities for Marines to remediate on previous events they failed or needed/wanted to do over. Unfortunately, when a Marine fails any event, they cannot remediate and receive their second score. The Marine will receive five points below the passing score on the second [successful] attempt. I fell into that camp for day land navigation (land nav).

A few weeks ago I mentioned our examination for day and night land nav had taken place. Well, even after acing all of the previous practice iterations, game day was a bad day. I failed. Our mission was to plot and find eight points within seven hours. My rushed plotting and poor attack points (what we call the spot to start movement toward the point) led me to only finding four points (need five to pass). I could go on about the little things that led to this, however, that is boring.

On Tuesday I remediated day land nav and crushed it! Again, we can’t get a 100% on the second attempt, so I sought out six of eight points and found all six. It took less than three hours to find them so I was done before 12 noon (enough time to still get lunch at the chow hall!). The hardest part about being back out there was the vegetation. Out at FEX II we literally watched the trees go from winter to spring in a matter of four days. That vegetation is thick! Land nav is now, as we say in the business, “rounds complete.”

Monday we always have trivia night. My buddy Ethan was able to stop by for a visit while attending another course here. Been a while, but it was great to catch up!

Our other guests this week included a lot of higher ranking Officers than myself. We were honored to have the Commandant of the Marine Corps pay a visit with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. This is the third time I’ve heard them speak, and I can say I actually enjoy it. These gentlemen cut to the chase and are eager to hear from the Marines, so there is a lot of time for questions to be answered. I didn’t get a chance to get my question in, but our platoon had an opportunity to share our “merch” (we have koozies and stickers) with both gentlemen. Epic!

Every WOBC class has student staff and responsibilities. Some are volunteered for and others are voluntold (like when I was Squad Leader for a couple of weeks). Voluntary roles include representatives for academics, mail, uniforms, unit readiness, ordnance, among other things. One of my roles includes being the Assistant Unit Readiness Coordinator. It fits the bill for the most part as I am able to use some of my previous work experience at camp and help with planning events. Our platoon is going to have an event for the end of WOBC so I’ve been working on putting that together recently. It has been enjoyable doing something different from studying tactics and other TBS requirements.

Next week we dig into administrative classes and preparation for Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Field Exercise which takes place our last full week here. You can check out some of what MOUT entails in the below video taken at TBS previously. That is what we are about to get into.

The Basic School MOUT

One big thing coming up next week is our Phase IV Exam. If you can believe it, we are already taking our final exam. Woohoo! Please pray for a passing grade. There is a lot squished into the next three weeks, so time will fly by. Please pray for continued health, safety, and favorable weather. I have had some mix between allergies and a cold. On the mend, but could be better. Thank you again for your support all along the way on this wild ride. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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