Week Eight

Another week has passed and we have made it through our time in the field. We are forever grateful as the weather was quite favorable. On Monday we started early and began implementing our orders writing/execution skills. This went on for a couple of days. We made our way to another site where we camped out for three nights. During those final days we were able to shoot our weapons again and continue to implement our orders writing/executing skills.

Finally, on Friday (yesterday), we concluded our field time with a 5-ish mile hike back to our barracks. Our packs were loaded with all of our stuff as we made our way up and down hills. It was hills like these that reminded me of living at camp and being able to train on mountainous terrain. Rest is the theme of the weekend.

While the weather was favorable (no rain), it was actually pretty cold every night. I appreciate the bootcamp and Marine Combat Training (over 10 years ago) teaching me how to best use my sleeping system and make waking up in the cold bearable. Friday’s weather was perfect for our hike. There was a drizzle of precipitation, but it actually helped cool us down as we made our way through the terrain.

The tendons in my left knee have not been feeling great as they are very tight. This can make walking uncomfortable without stretching. I plan to eventually see our athletic trainers for a long-term plan to help out. There are other little aches and pains here and there, but they aren’t as significant. Believe it or not, allergy season is very much upon us. While the field hasn’t been fun without my medicine, I need to prepare for Virginia spring.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for safety, health, and favorable weather. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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