Week Ten

Many thanks to those who prayed for the test that happened this week. I passed! We are now in what is called Phase III. According to our schedule, we have three weeks of Phase III left before we get into, believe it or not, Phase IV. That’s the home stretch.

Honestly, this past week was a relief and not too eventful. There were plenty of classes that happened to get ready for more ranges and prepare for implementing new concepts. Our class went to the pool over the course of two days to do what is called the Basic Underwater Egress (BUE). This allows Marines to get comfortable with being upside down and disoriented in water to mimic being in an involuntary water entry while in an aircraft. It wasn’t an in depth training, but it was basic. Click here to watch a video about the full version.

To cap off the week, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon Organization’s 17.75k race this morning. That’s roughly 11 miles. 17.75 might be random to some people, but it represents the year in which the Marine Corps was founded (1775). A buddy from my class participated as well as my old high school friend. Shout out to Tyler for joining us! I have never paid for and run more than a 5k (about 3 miles), so this was a great experience and a great race to start with.

Next week we will conduct a full day of land navigation in a new training area. This training area is much larger than any of the previous ones we have been to. Pray we all pass and don’t get lost. Some folks will conduct the Double Obstacle Course this week also. Later on in the week we will shoot machine guns and hike about 7.5 miles. Pray for safety and strength for us all as we hike.

I am thankful that we are more than halfway through this course. It’s been a wild ride. Continue to pray for safety, health, and favorable weather. Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.



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