Week Twelve

Another five days of training are complete. With the end of the this week brings about the conclusion of my time as our squad’s squad leader. This is a role that changes every two weeks to allow folks an opportunity to lead peers. We hit the ground running this week by learning about some platoon level planning. Wednesday we were tested on that skill while also being evaluated on land navigation (land nav) during the day and night. Many, many hours were spent outside in the rapidly changing weather.

Our week ended with a short Friday morning. Some Marines went out to run their final endurance course (talked about that in a previous post) and the double obstacle course. The rest of us were involved in squad PT (physical training). I led our squad in a little run and let them turn to any personal PT they wanted to engage in (i.e. go to the gym). After that, we had a midday formation and headed out on our weekend.

Thankfully we have been granted a 72 (three-day weekend) for the Easter holiday. This means our training will continue on Tuesday. We will go into our field exercise (FEX) where we live in the woods for the entire week. Remember the platoon level stuff we went over? That is what we are going to be doing in the field. It will be hot, it will be a long week, and there will [maybe] be some fun along the way. Pray for safety, health, and favorable weather.

Happy Easter to all. This 72 I am hanging with family. Praise the One who lives!

Until next time: Be strong. Love God. Love others.


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